when the leaves fall & the light fades.

what do you do when it seems like those dreary fall days begin to settle in? when things feel monotonous. and gray. like every day is repeat of yesterday. and the days get darker as the sun fades from our days. when the carefree spirit of summer is completely gone and the routine of work, school, and life set in. what do you do?

while i love the fall, and it’s canvas of colors on the trees and the ground, and the opportunity to snuggle inside with rain pattering on my window and candles glowing softly, i admit that day after day of that can be rather… well, boring. so, i have decided that this fall i’m gonna tap into my creative side. here’s how i’m gonna spend my time:

  • listen to new music (perhaps a fall playlist will be coming soon!)
  • write & post more of my story (see “from death to peace” at the top of the page.)
  • do little arts & crafts projects (and by little, i mean little & simple. i’m not that crafty. hehe.)
  • visit cafes (which i always do, i know. but i love it.)
  • read books (i have a h.u.g.e. stack of books by my bed.)
  • make hot chocolate. enough said.
  • decorate the apartment for the seasons (halloween & thanksgiving)
  • snuggle with lina & zola (wife & cat)
  • create our thanksgiving dinner menu & invitations
  • take long walks
  • embrace the season of scarves & boots
  • research my blog (is there a theme running through my posts? what is most popular? can i write a book based on my blog?)
  • have photo shoots/photo walks
  • include some yoga in every day
  • keep dreaming. keep listening. keep feeling. keep being.

as i am writing this, i’m listening to a new album. the carpenter by the avett brothers, who just happen to be from north carolina. yeah. love love love it. like a million times over. not just for the music & the instruments. but for the lyrics as well. and of course, for the feeling of home that i get from listening to & seeing them perform. so, for your viewing pleasure, here is the first track on the album:

and if you have spotify, here is the entire album for you to enjoy. i’ve got it on repeat today. perfect for fall:

even though the season is sometimes dreary, and life sometimes feels the same day after day… even though fall is the ending of the year, the last little bit of light & color before the hibernation of winter sets in… it can still be a time of calm, beauty, and hope. autumn is part of the journey, part of the beautiful cycle of the seasons. and just as we have the same cycles in our lives, fall is here to help us to just be. it Β reminds us to keep plugging through life, to not give up. a time that teaches us, that even though things may be dying around us, there is still beauty. and we still have each other.

Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me
And when I lose my direction I’ll look up to the sky
And when the black cloak drags upon the ground
I’ll be ready to surrender, and remember
Well we’re all in this together
If I live the life I’m given, I wont be scared to dieΒ 
~ the avett brothers

may cozy warmth & peace surround you.

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  1. Okay Liz, not to beat a dead horse or anything…(heavens no)~

    You have a gift of a certain way that you see things in a photographic sense. I really believe that you would do very well expanding on that in your blog. You see the very sad photos the rest of us take? Please! Have mercy on us & give some tips & hints?

    RE: your past, how you came to be where you are, & your awakening. This has two, big audiences.

    You have you typical straight group who long to just throw caution to the wind & start anew–

    You also have your gay community who are always interested in happy endings. So yeah, a good call on that one (revisiting your β€œfrom death to peace”. We want details, girl… πŸ˜‰

    I’m just happy to visit someone who is trying hard & doing well. It’s a good thing.

    T πŸ˜‰

    1. your wish is my command!

      yesterday, inspired by your previous comment, i made a list in my journal. and the first one was to begin a series of posts on photo tips. but, i first need to think about how i take pictures. to be honest, i just take them. so, i’m gonna be more aware of what i do, why, and how i do it. πŸ™‚

      as for my story. it was number 2 on my list. i believe that blog is ready to grow, that i am ready to grow as a writer, so it’s time for be to be a disciplined writer & set aside some time – perhaps a day or 2 each week – just for working on this project. my blog is not just a daily little update blog, but can be so much more. and it’s time.

      wish me luck on my follow through! and keep kicking my ass to stay motivated. i need it! πŸ™‚


      1. Apparently, my part to this is to reply & keep you going- lol. As I sit here at home, there are flocks of wild parrots circling the house & singing. It’s nearly sundown (summer approaches fast & I adore the beach). I’m just home from computer jobs & groceries & stopped to reply.

        What you say about your photos is typical of someone who works instinctively- you never paid attention because it is a natural gift. Mind you- you don’t have to give all your secrets- just a few easy ones that people can accomplish even with a pocket camera.

        As for your “story”- every story is interesting to me, if it’s real.

        You hang in & keep plugging along?

        T πŸ™‚

  2. Nice acoustic music from NC! I’s still trying to figure out how the cellist can keep his instrument in place in a hanging position. Maybe he has a strap, too, that I didn’t notice…

    As it gets darker and cooler here it reminds me that the season of bundling up and feeling the cold through my clothes is not so far behind this one–but it is a lovely season for brisk walking now!

    Today I will do an interview with an immigrant whose language is totally foreign to me, so I have arranged for an interpreter! I have never done that before! I believe that my time living overseas will aid me in the way I approach this opportunity…

    1. I wondered the same thing about the cellist, but I think I spotted that it was on a table in one of the shots. πŸ™‚ Good luck with your interpreter experience. I am sure that your abroad experiences will serve you well. πŸ™‚ When I was teaching in NC, I used an interpreter quite a bit for Hispanic and Asian parent meetings. It was a great thing to have someone be a middle man and to make the parents feel comfortable.

      1. i take it back, barb. there is no table there. hehe. but he has a guitar strap on his cello. πŸ™‚

  3. Not exactly Avett Bros. style, but another couple of groups you might like:

    Kings of Convenience (Riot on an Empty Street, Quiet is the New Loud)


    Iron & Wine (Our Endless Numbered Days, The Creek Drank the Cradle)


    1. Yipee! You know I love me some new music! Thanks!
      And, just so you know, I’ve begun writing down my photo tips. Organizing my thoughts so I can do a series of posts. πŸ™‚

  4. ugh fall.. I can see how you like it, though. I guess I also like it but it reminds me of the awful winter ahead. And the depressing cold. ugh!

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