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i snatched this from facebook. one of my former seminary professors posted it on his wall. he’s one of the ones who taught me so much during my master’s degree studies to be a minister/pastor. guess what classes i had with him? theology & ethics. yep. i remember sitting in his class, as it was truly with ALL of my classes… i realized for the first time that i was not the only liberal theologian/minister out there. i felt like i always took liberal theology too far. then i went to seminary. and it felt great to be backed up & understood & challenged even further by brilliant professors.

you see, all of us church people aren’t so bad, stupid, closed-minded, and conservative. we’re not bible beaters trying to save souls, but estabish relationships and work together. there are plenty of us who believe in inclusion, healing, equality, and diversity. and all we really wanna do is just co-exist and respect each and every person. just as they are. and by the way, i believed what i believe now before i had any clue i’d end up marrying a woman. just so you know.

peace out peeps.

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    1. Thanks for the “like”, and I’m totally with you on the complete & utter disgust at the religious right. Ugh.

  1. Numbers 2 & 4-6 are personal faves on that list, for sure! Ditto, Northern Plights!

    We all know that withholding rights has always been about power & fear. It’s personal paranoia gone wild, as in, “if we let “X” happen, whatever shall happen to us?”… pretty weird, actually.

    But, as with most things, educating is the key to enlightenment. The far right-wingers like to purport a “gay agenda” when what is happening in reality is education: the LGBT community is coming out & people are starting to notice that, “hey- my favourite *neighbour is gay”. (*insert loved one or fav person here). The populace are just beginning to see that all of the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) that is the cornerstone of the Repub. ticket is just that- baseless, divisive smoke. Many countries around the world recognize same-sex relationships & marriage- and they continue to thrive (no lightening bolts either). 🙂

    1. Yes, yes, & yes! Things will change, to bad it is so slowly in some places. Thanks for your comment, Tracy!

  2. Great list. Soooooooo true. And as a fellow liberal Christian, I get where you’re coming from. My favorite is probably #10. If they would just listen to that one, we would make SO much progress!

    1. I know, right! I’m so sick of the conservatives giving religion a bad rap. Not that everyone has to believe in some organized religion (people are free to believe or not as they will, in my book. I respect them all.)… it’s just that these closed-minded conservatives make it seem that all religious/spiritual people are just as closed-minded. And we’re not! 🙂

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