time for a little sun worshipping.

good evening, friends. this is becoming a nice little ritual for me. late at night, sometimes with a glass of wine, but always under the covers, i sit here with my mac on my lap and type away about the word of the day. cozy and relaxing.

today’s word prompt was solar/sun. and here’s the photo:

8927b154d34111e2b55422000a9f1377_7i was thinking that this was a good word to use (i can’t remember who suggested it) during the 5 “gogreen” days because it reminds me that the sun is a powerful source of energy, one that we as a world don’t tap into enough. think how much solar energy could help us to be more environmentally friendly? we have this amazing ball of fire, warming and heating the earth, making life possible… why can’t we learn to harness and use that power more effectively and efficiently?

but, i also thought that the words solar/sun were good reminders for me of the sheer joy of soaking up some vitamin d. you know, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. the exciting and carefree season of summer. as i’ve stated somewhere before on this blog, any time that the sun is shining in sweden, peoples’ heads are turned directly toward the sun. sometimes they even stop in the middle of the sidewalk as the sun peeks out from behind a cloud, close their eyes, and just stand there. sunlight is seriously a gift that is treasured in this northern country facing months of cold & darkness. and i’m proud to say that i’m an official sun-worshipper too, now. and the sun’s rays… man, are they powerful here. 60-65 degrees (F) is freaking hot when you are in the sun. in north carolina, the same temperature is a bit chilly because the rays are not as intense. but, i love the sun here in sweden… warming, glowing, and up almost all day in the summer.

a little peek of where we’re gonna live. eeeekk!

speaking of north carolina and summer sun, i have heard that this summer is gonna be a scorcher there. but, in nc, the sun scorches you in a totally different way. the heat makes the air thick and sweltery. it’s humid and guaranteed warm. all of which i’m looking forward to as well. but, the great thing about moving to north carolina is that we’re gonna have access to a pool! so we’ll be able to cool down whenever we need to.

so, i think i’ll tell you about our new home right now, seeing as in exactly ONE MONTH, our lease will begin on our new apartment!


i must say… this is our dream apartment. they are newly built (last summer), so they are fresh, modern, and guess what else?! GREEN! yep. they are built to be environmentally friendly, so we will be living in an apartment that has been built to make a smaller negative impact on the earth, and encourages healthy, green living. and i’m really proud of that.

on top of that, we will have access to a pool, a gym, monthly community activities (from wine tastings to pizza nights to volunteer work), and a balcony!! we have lived without a balcony for 3 years now and it has been tough. and i’m not kidding about that at all. lucky for you, you haven’t had to hear us complain about how much we wish we had a balcony over & over again. but soon! we love fresh air and sunshine, so you’d better believe we’ll be living on our balcony overlooking the pool. oh, and we are a 5 minutes drive to the center of asheville & all its funkiness. sounds fab, right? well, all you have to do is come & visit!

exciting stuff!

well, till tomorrow, friends. make sure you turn your face to the sun for a moment whenever you get a chance. slow down, close your eyes, breathe in deep, and just let yourself be a little sun child for a moment. let that light warm & fill you.

peace and warmth.

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