tough to get to. tougher to explain. but, once you get there, you get it.

i have to go to marfa, texas.

you see, my love is in the process of sketching a tent for one of her graphic design classes, and that got me thinking about a place that i ran across on the internet some time ago. a “hotel”, or more like a place to stay, in texas. marfa, texas to be exact. i remembered that i was intrigued by it and thought it’d be awesome to visit there one day. so, since i hadn’t thought about this place in a year or so, i decided to look it up again.

just outside marfa, a tiny little town located in the middle of nowhere in west texas, lies el cosmico. that’s right. it’s a little mexican and a little cosmic = southwestern hippy heaven. at least in my book. among the dirt fields and the tumbleweeds, where the sky meets the ground, and the sun beats down on the dry earth, el cosmico appears to be a little relaxing paradise for those who want to do things a little differently. it’s a place that i am certain lends itself to beauty, funky-ness, and amazing vibes. you see, el cosmico is a “hotel/camping” place of sorts. but. instead of rooms decorated in southwestern and mexican themes, you get the real thing: tee pees, yurts, and rvs. that’s right. just make a reservation, drive your car out into the middle of nowhere, and stay in one of these amazing, classic, funky places – and soak up the atmosphere. crazy amazing, huh?

upon “rediscovering” marfa and el cosmico on the internet, i decided that i simply must go there. like, i will go there. it feels like the perfect road trip for me and my love to experience together – we’ve never been to west texas, we’ve never slept in a tee pee. and we loooove the hippy, community, relaxed vibes of anyplace that deems itself a little bit alternative and off the grid.

so, i’m going. i don’t know when… but sooner, rather than later. and here are photos i’ve found scattered all over the internet demonstrating exactly why this place is on my bucket list…

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you can find links to all of the photos’ original websites in my pinterest board called “wanderlust.” just click here. don’t you just think this is the most wonderful place?!

“marfa: tough to get to. tougher to explain. but, once you get here, you get it.” from

peace and love. xx

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  1. This place looks fab! There’s a lot of camping / hotel places popping up now I think!
    Have you used airbnb to search for random accommodation types? (and did you know airbnb let’s you make a wish list… Like a board on pinterest?!)
    Thinking of the states map (which I’m lots more familiar with now as I have my globe on my dressing table) this would be a pretty hefty drive for you wouldn’t it??

    1. Oh yeah. I”m so all over the airbnb thing! Pinning away! For me, Texas is a long way, but definitely doable. It’s 8 hours across NC, and I have done that all the time going back and forth to the beach. So, spending a night or 2 on the road is nothing – in fact, that’s part of the amazing fun! And I’ve driven across the whole country twice, so I’m always game for a trip in the car! 🙂

  2. Hi Liz, I thought you might be interested in knowing that September 25 – 28th is the festival of music and love in El Cosmico. P&L, Lorlinda

    1. That’s the day after my birthday – and it would be absolutely amazing to be there then. Unfortunately, I cannot travel that weekend. Oh well… thanks for thinking of me and the tip!

  3. Looks like a really cool place. Dark skies too, look at all those stars. Like to have a big telescope there.

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