how do you want to live?


are you willing to risk it all to live the life that you feel called to live?

the road is ahead of you… it’s just to start walking. dream big. i believe in you. xx

peace + love

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  1. New subscriber here. Never met you but somehow came across your blog and I have been enjoying it very much. I’m from Canton and I think that’s what caught my eye about your blog (couple of post about canton). Started reading it and well…’s great…..Joey

    1. Well, now, are you just so kind to say such nice things. Thank you for commenting and I’m so happy that you like the blog so far. Do you still live in Canton? What a great little small town – it was a very special time in my life. – Liz

      1. Born and raised right here in Canton, and I agree with something you said in one of your post, that it’s like going back in time, seems nothing much ever changes around here. That being said I love my little small town, No matter where I may travel or reside for a while, good ole Haywood County will always be my home. I’m also a big fan of Asheville, so much to do there and so much culture. Have a happy day…..Joey

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