two chicks brewing: bottling our first batch!

time for a little update on the progress of our very first home brewing experience! (read about the beginning of it –> here).

but first, let me remind you that we have no idea what we are doing. hehe. we are totally newbies, but we are also totally committed to learning + experimenting + working our way up to creating amazing, unique craft beer for people to enjoy.

however, this first batch… well, we shall see how that goes.

two weeks ago, we brewed our first beer at home, turning our little lofty swedish kitchen into a brewing station. we were as organized as two chicks could be, for not having any idea of how to organize this process. there was only one fairly critical moment when our marriage was in jeopardy (kidding), when our confusion + stress hit the max it could take. but, all in all, we did it. and we put our jug of beer away in a cool, dark place to sit for a few weeks.


suddenly, we realized that the two weeks had passed + it was time to bottle. so, on tuesday, after getting a fairly late start, we spent the evening bottling our beer.


at first it was a great success… how hard could this be?! the main thing was making sure that everything was sanitized, sanitized, sanitized! and we did that. we prepared the pot for the transfer, and got the siphon ready. but, the siphon wouldn’t work. we freaked out. but, we (lina) got creative and got our beer out of the jug as cleanly and safely as possible. and then, we filled our super clean, shiny, new beer bottles. one by one. through a painstaking process without a siphon, but with a filter.

clean-sanitize-beer-home-brewing sanitized-beer-home-brewing cheers-beer

in the end, the bottles were filled (albeit a little uneven) and our marriage was once again still in tact.

the good news is, our beer looks like beer and smells like beer. how it tastes? well, we will find that out in a few more weeks after it ages and settles some more.

two-chicks-brewing-beer-first-batch filled-beer-bottles beer-bottles-filled

this brewing beer art is no little thing. it is so complicated. but, it is so fun. learning the process is the really tough part, but after a few more batches and figuring out our kinks and such, we cannot wait to begin creating our own recipes!

for now, though, two chicks brewing is in the education phase. still learning, still experimenting, still freaking out. but, it’s all worth it, because we are determined and excited to provide others (and ourselves)  with some unique, home brewed, craft beer… created by us so that we can enjoy together with you!

onwards + upwards!! xoxo

4 thoughts on “two chicks brewing: bottling our first batch!

  1. Woo hoo! I can’t believe two weeks have passed already! MAKE SURE you update us all on how it goes when you try your first one!

    1. Hi Dayna! Oh, we are so nervous, but we shall see soon enough! How fun that you helped your dad, so you know a little of the process. 🙂 Have a happy week! Love. xoxo

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