Week One + the book behind the challenge

A week ago, I introduced a photography challenge that I’m going to embark on for the next 52 weeks. Well, friends, it’s time to begin! I’ve finished my first week and I’m ready to post my photos.

But first, I thought I’d share with you the book that we purchased at the photography museum Fotografiska – the inspiration behind the whole challenge. The author is Brian Lloyd Duckett, a London-based photographer who offers workshops on street photography. Street snappers. Cute, huh? The book is 52 Assignments: Street Photography. It’s a hands-on workbook forcing me out on the street every single week now for the next 52 weeks. And I think that’s fucking awesome. But, it’s gonna be a challenge. For real y’all.

So, yes. Street photography. A big challenge for me, actually, because I take mostly home + nature photos. I’ve done a few weddings. But, not so much street. So, I am very pumped – and super nervous – about getting out there and capturing the vibes of everyday life in the urban jungle. But, I love cities so much. I loooove the energy of the city. I love the life + the culture + the people + the sights of it all. So, I’m accepting this challenge for myself. And it is my intention to soak up + enjoy every single frightening moment of becoming better at documenting the art of life.

Anyway, I came across a quote of a quote about street photography that I just love:

‘Street photography is the art of capturing life, culture and humanity’. Feeling and capturing interesting moments in our simple and ordinary life flow is a gateway to understand life and world around us. For me, it’s a tool to widen my limits, to touch different lifes and different people.

Sule Baycan

Alright. Here we go. Week one! The first challenge was to take photos of signs. Interesting, unique signs that have something to say. The tip from the author was to be patient. To wait + capture that perfect moment when words + signs reflect a bit of real life. Like, a sign that says something with words, but also matches/contrasts/contradicts/speaks to the surroundings.

I realized as I walked back + forth to work everyday that I pass the same signs. And they were not at all exciting. But, magically, one sign appeared one morning at the train station. Another appeared on a pipe. And a third on the back of a woman passing me. It was serendipitous – and a reminder to always be open to the unexpected!

The series of photos, according to the book, is meant to be shared as all black and white or all color photos. I chose to stick with black and white. It just felt so gritty, urban, and dramatic to me.

Ok. Here are my photos!

That’s it! Hope you follow along as I chase my dreams, expand my horizons, and improve my photography. If there is one thing I know about photography, it’s that one gets better by simply getting out there + snapping.

Here’s to the joy of capturing a moment, speaking truth, and creating art! See you next week!

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “Week One + the book behind the challenge

  1. Stumbled across your site today after googling Mintakan. Gorgeous blog and photos. I like your photo challenge. Are you using a camera or a phone? Just curious. The signs you found are great. And Fuck Hate always!!

    1. omg katie! i’m so glad you found me and i’m super touched you like my website. ❤️ i’m using my iphone for my pics.✌?

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