// week twenty eight (part 1) // swedish camp life is like living in utopia

i have so many photos to share this week, that i’ve decided to split them up into two different //week twenty eight// posts. yay!

last week i spent the entire week off the grid. ok. ok. i snuck out to the very end of the dock, or walked through the woods to a high curve in the road where i just might find a tiny bit of service and uploaded a few photos onto instagram throughout the week. but, i only did that once a day. promise. and i didn’t scroll through Facebook, twitter, my email, or the news at all. truly. and, of course, it felt so nice to be away and unplugged.

but, that just means that you have to look through a bunch of my photos all today and tomorrow then. hope you don’t mind. wink. wink.

my love + i headed out a week ago to the swedish archipelago (islands) in the southern part of sweden on the baltic sea. it’s been a yearly tradition in lina’s family since the 70s. but, it’s not just me and lina and the family. nope. it’s about 50-60 people in total. most of whom have been a part of this week long retreat in the archipelago since its beginning 40 years ago.  of course, there are new people who have come along, either through marriage or through church connections (it’s a church camp – but not at all churchy like you might be thinking).

during this week there is no theme. there is no focus. there is nothing that one has to do. there is only the beautiful swedish nature, hopefully sunshine, community living, simplicity, unplugging, good food and lots of coffee, games to play, time to meditate + be inspired, conversations that are both serious + silly + everything in-between. the only thing that is expected of us is to be in the moment, to help out to care for the community, and to find our own little place of inner peace, while sharing life with everyone else.

it is a beautiful, relaxing, inspiring reminder of the only things that are really important: love, people, nature, authenticity, and simply being – alone + together. it is a perfect little slice of the balanced life that i believe that we could all live, all of the time, if we only did.

and this little hippie chick totally digs the communal, intentional, contemplative living that camp life has to offer.

here’s a peek at some of the things that we did (or didn’t do. hehe).

trees-forest-skeppsgarden beach-niece-skeppsgarden beach-rocks-skeppsgarden beach-day-skeppsgarden feet-water-me-skeppsgarden boathouse-skeppsgarden rowing-skeppsgarden cabin-stuga-skeppsgarden yellow-house-skeppsgarden our-room my-view-yellow-house-skeppsgarden campfirde-trees-skeppsgarden campfire-skeppsgarden campfire-lina-me-skeppsgarden question-walk-skeppsgarden hot-dogs-bbq-skeppsgarden family-skeppsgarden camfire-sunset-skeppsgarden meditation-skeppsgarden candles-skeppsgarden games-skeppsgarden me-skeppsgarden ice-cream-skeppsgarden maggie-church-skeppsgarden rain-games-skeppsgarden feet-boots-grass-skeppsgarden rainy-games-skeppsgarden lina-me-skeppsgarden swedish-flag-skeppsgarden

i’ll be back tomorrow with a post dedicated to the amazing, beautiful, breath-taking nature in the swedish archipelago. it is absolutely magical. makes me feel like i’m in a fairy tale or something. until then… happy monday!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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