ten on ten :: july 2015

i’m late with my post! but, i have a very good reason!

my ten on ten photos for july were taken on friday (the 10th), like a good girl; and lucky me, i was still on vacation in the swedish archipelago! so, it was a great change from the always fun, but still only “everyday life” snaps, like i usually have. of course, since i was away on the 10th, i didn’t have any internet to share them with you until today. but, here they all are! all 10 (+ almost 10 extras too!). enjoy!

up early for breakfast duty: at camp we share duties + each have different meals to make. i had breakfast on friday!


back in my room after breakfast to prepare for the morning’s meditation time. my old COLLEAGUE was at the camp so, and she asked me if i could help lead our closing gathering. sometimes you just can’t fight the things that you were born to do.

the quote in the book says: “the miracle is not to fly in the air or walk on the water, but it is to wander around right here on earth.” // a chinese saying

blowing bubbles. saying prayers. how we roll.skeppsgarden-bubbles
candles lit in remembrance of/for others.
we had to say goodbye to many people, as they left the camp after lunch to head back home. i consider this cutie my little neice. and i just didn’t want to let her go.livia-skeppsgarden
a walk in the woods. all alone. heaven.skeppsgarden-forest-woods
some reading (and napping)skeppsgarden-reading
i looked out my window + noticed people gathering for fika: time for our mid-afternoon coffee!skeppsgarden-fika
dinner on the grill a few hours laterskeppsgarden-bbq-grill
my love + i finishing up the leftover dessert. baked cinnamon apples + vanilla sauce. mmmmm!_skeppsgarden-dinner
gathered around the tableskeppsgarden-dinnertime
a few minutes alone down by the waterskeppsgarden-meskeppsgarden-swimming-ladderskeppsgarden-sunsetskeppsgarden-panorama
and then, sharing the veiw with my love + a few more who gathered down by the dock. cause the sunset was killer…skeppsgarden-my-love-me-lina
so we decided to blow bubbles. i thought of it as a celebration of the end of the week. of sending all of our memories and traditions and love out to the sea… preparing ourselves to return to regular life, and wait until we return next year.skeppsgarden-bubbles-seaoh my friends, this is just a tiny little skimming of the surface of some photos from my vacation that have to share with you. so, check back this week as i pile on more photos on the blog, filling up my media library, and giving you some oh so beautiful swedish nature to gaze at. sending you love + light!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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