weekend in paris • 4

oh no… our last day in paris had arrived. however, lucky for us, we had a late flight, so we had pretty much all day to explore more! except for one thing… we were a tiny bit hungover.

as in, after i finally dragged myself out of bed at 10:30, i had to walk down to the corner to get some water. stupid, stupid girl. never drink so much when you have lots you want to do. i know that. in my defense, i actually didn’t think i’d had that much to drink. and it had been spread out so much throughout the day. i only drank one beer at a time.

water paris morning me

anyhoo, i was now dying for food. greasy food. and water. and coffee. oh, how i wanted coffee. so, kat came to our place, so she could see our cool airbnb home, and then we headed off to EAT.

we didn’t wander far, but plopped down at a cafe, ordering cappuccinos and croissants. mmm… we sat and sat and sat. so long that i ordered a second cappuccino for me and lina.

cappuccino paris

croissants paris cafe

sitting at a cafe in paris is never boring, y’all. there are always people to watch. you know, parisians walking with baguettes hanging out of their bags and all. lots of goings on. community members greeting each other with a bonjour! i mean, it really is all about just sitting and being and enjoying life. that, my friends, is what i think is the parisian way.

cappuccino me lina paris

we finally decided to make a move. but, only to walk to another cafe to order that greasy lunch that we wanted.

we we walked. we sat down. we ordered. and we ate. and we stayed and stayed and stayed. haling about dreams, the future, love, family, paris.

Harmony Cafe Paris

we had one more mission that we needed to accomplish before leaving paris this time…. macaroons!

after lunch, we crossed through the luxembourg gardens. that’s three days in a row, y’all and headed to a little place that sold famous macaroons. we went in and chose 4 (two for lina, two for me). 1 coffee, 2 vanilla, and 1 lemon.

macaroons paris

macaroons paris

then, we went back to the gardens to sit and relax. and, now it was time to say goodbye to kat. my amazing cousin + our amazing guide during the weekend. it was absolutely incredible to experience paris with her. and, since she’s going to be studying in paris for two more years, we’ve got tons of plans for more trips and more to do. watch out, paris. watch out, all of europe. reynolds chicks are coming!

lina and i sat in some chairs in the gardens and enjoyed coffee + macaroons. i was trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we were headed home to sweden in a few hours. suddenly, it started to sprinkle, so we headed for cover under some trees, and before we knew it, it was a full-on downpour.

luxembourg gardens rain paris

lina me luxembourg gardens rain paris

but, it was oh so romantic and parisian. i mean, me and my love, caught in a rainstorm, snuggling under an umbrella in the luxembourg gardens. how romantic and beautiful. and the perfect last little memory before we hailed a taxi to the airport.

paris rain taxi

i absolutely fell asleep in the taxi, as the rain poured down down found ourselves stuck in rush hour traffic. but, we arrived at the airport in plenty of time. checked in, ate some dinner, and then hung out by the gate waiting for our flight.

airplane paris france

on the plane home, i think i stared out the window the entire time. it was gorgeous. and i was processing the entire weekend, or trying too. and suddenly, as the sky became a magical dark blue and purple and orange, we began our descent into sweden at midnight.

airplane flying sunset

sunset sweden summer airplane

home again. after a weekend in paris that left me breathless.

oui, paris. je’taime.

xoxo. liz.


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    1. Thanks for checking in and following along, dear Louise. Paris was just magical! Hugs to you. And happy weekend!

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