what a wednesday.

ok. finally a teeny, tiny bit of time to write.

wednesdays are my long days. i go to both of my jobs. church and then the youth organization where i have a paid internship. wednesdays start early & end late, with a lot in between. yesterday, i must confess, i wasn’t looking forward to much of it. or, rather i just didn’t want to do anything but stay home & be cozy. but, i put a smile on my face, headed out the door with a positive attitude (well, i was thinking it. not feeling it), and what do you know?! it turned out to be a fantastic day involving many different people and experiences, from co-workers at the church, to retiree’s at a soup lunch, to amazing teens, to a fellow english-speaking woman, to finally some quiet moments with my love.

no time to write about it now, though, as i thought. just got a call to come to my internship now, which is ok. wonder what’s gonna happen today?!

but, i’ll leave you with a few images from yesterday….

an amazing sunrise.

my ride around town!

from the church where we (my internship organization) had a meeting & then a soup lunch. cool, experiences!!

have a great thursday! it’s almost the weekend! peace out.

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