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    what’s waiting for you?

    it’s been a good day. it started off a little if-y, though. spent the morning in a long meeting surrounded by a lot of negative energy actually. why must people always see the problems…

    26 Mar 2012
  • life

    crazy weekend nights.

    hello! ok. maybe my weekend nights are not crazy in your eyes, but they are my nights just the same. and i like them. i’m not ashamed. judge me if you want… well, perhaps…

    26 Feb 2012
  • life

    life in the fast lane.

    oh my gosh. where do i begin? life is crazy right now. really good, but crazy. working 1 job 50% and having an internship 50% is about to rip me in two. don’t get…

    17 Feb 2012
  • culture lbgtqai+

    just another 24 hours.

    hey! i feel like i’ve been all over the place during the past 24-48 hours. i worked at the church with the youth, cleaned the apartment, was part of an historic meeting where 2…

    13 Feb 2012
  • 100% chaos.

    i’m not complaining. just so you know. but, it’s been a while since i worked 100%, full-time. 2012 has brought me the amazing opportunity to work part-time (50%) at my internship (which i already…

    4 Jan 2012
  • life

    my weekend. or something like that.

    after my last little post of frustration, things settled down (= i gave up on trying to retype or salvage my original post) & it turned out to be quite a great weekend. and…

    4 Dec 2011
  • life

    what a wednesday.

    ok. finally a teeny, tiny bit of time to write. wednesdays are my long days. i go to both of my jobs. church and then the youth organization where i have a paid internship.…

    10 Nov 2011
  • life

    wednesday’s balancing act.

    i’ve only worked there for about 1 month, but my co-workers at the church celebrated my birthday with me with a wednesday morning fika! the secretary of the church had a birthday last friday…

    22 Sep 2011
  • life

    monday night’s pub.

     after a good day at my internship, my love & i met a friend at a pub  for dinner and some beer. a great way to begin a busy week. yeah. peace.…

    6 Sep 2011
  • august festival in town!

    it’s the middle of august and that means it’s time for a big, 4 day festival that takes over the whole city. woo hoo!! street fairs, fireworks, games, food, music, beer, amusement park rides,…

    19 Aug 2011
  • culture

    there’s nothing like a scary movie.

    yes, i love them. scary movies. not the disgusting, zombie, hockey-masked killer ones. but, the psychological, twisted, freak-you-out ones. you know, the ones where you sit under the blanket and close your eyes, but…

    16 Aug 2011
  • life

    this crazy road.

     hello and happy friday! this week i have broken my little phase of writing & posting a picture every day. it wasn’t intentional to begin writing & posting every day, and it wasn’t intentional…

    12 Aug 2011
  • in the wild

    just another day…

    at my internship. yes, i said my internship. i spent the afternoon on a lake – a typical swedish summer activity. how lucky am i? peace.…

    3 Aug 2011
  • why can’t it be sunday already?

      a view of my yellow apartment building on a rainy friday, from my kitchen window. it’s rainy. it’s chilly. and i’ve gotta “work” (my internship, which i really do love) tonight. and perhaps tomorrow…

    17 Jun 2011
  • home.

     nya rådstugugatan. my street. my home. yep. it’s late and  i’m now home. it’s been a long, but really, really great day. there are some days that i can speak swedish, and some days…

    25 May 2011
  • life

    working nights.

    life is busy this weekend. i’m “working” nights with my internship, hanging with the youth/young adults who are working to keep other youth safe. it was amazing to see their dedication and responsibility in…

    21 May 2011
  • life

    it’s always fun with something new.

    i love love love it when i can discover/experience something new in my city. and today, i did just that! the day started off pretty normal. wake up early, rush to school & slide…

    16 May 2011
  • life

    full speed ahead.

    it’s really busy this week. guess i’m gonna go full speed ahead from now until my summer vacation begins (in 6 weeks!!!!) but, its all good! i was talking with lina yesterday about the…

    11 May 2011
  • life

    thank you, monday.

    a little recap of monday: warm, beautiful weather a productive day at school (a rare thing these days. hehe.) working with young adults, working with lina, & learning swedish all combined into one super…

    10 May 2011
  • life north carolina

    from winter to cinco de mayo.

    fact: it snows in may in sweden. yes. you see it. it’s true. it has snowed 2 mornings this week so far. and it’s been cold. and windy. and… well, it’s amazing what the…

    5 May 2011