what i read.

day 4: what i read.

i read a bunch of really awesome blogs every day. the picture above is from victoria’s blog, just one of the many, talented writers i have discovered & connected with thanks to wordpress & other blog sites. i have written about blogging in the past & how thankful i am for the blog community – the people, the connections, the inspiration.

if you read blogs on a regular basis, or write one, you’ve probably seen that there are blog awards floating all around the internet. a few days ago, i was given the honor of being nominated for the “one lovely blog award” by victoria. i am truly excited to have my blog deemed as lovely. many thanks to victoria, a beautiful writer, for nominating me. you should go over and check out her blog. she writes about writing & publishing, regular life, and lesbianism. if you want to boost your intelligence, think more, and be inspired, you will most definitely love her blog. go check her out!

i wholeheartedly & humbly accept this award. and so i must…

  1. Post the One Lovely Blog Award logo on my blog (see below).
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated me and link back to his blog (victoria nominated me. thank you, v!).
  3. List seven things about myself (i suck at this).
  4. Nominate some other blogs for this award.

ok. here come my random things:

  • i am really good at mimicking dialects and accents. like freakishly good. if you have an accent and i meet you and begin mimicking how you speak, it’s not because i am making fun of you. i can’t help it. i just go into some auto-pilot accent mode.
  • i had a run-in with a snake when i was 3 years old, and since then have been insanely afraid of snakes, even behind glass & in magazines. my fear it really irrational.
  • i think that take-off and landing during a plane flight are so much freaking fun. i feel the need… the need for speed.
  • play a song, almost any song, and you’ll be sure to hear that i know almost all of the lyrics by heart. it’s a gift. i could rap dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince’s “parents just don’t understand” right now.
  • when i was a kid, i wanted to be a detective, and i spent my saturdays spying & recording the activities of my parents and my neighbors. dorky & a little stalk-ish, huh?
  • i could eat french fries all day. every day.
  • my dream is to have a house in the swedish archipelago and a house somewhere in the united states, and to live in each place 6 months out of every year.

here come some suggestions for a good read. click on the link and discover some new inspiration.

urban curator – a blog with tons of pinterest-worthy images. so beautiful.

you must be somewhere in london – unbelievable photos.

lonely girl travels – a great read of a chick embarking on her own journey all over the world.

know the sphere – deep. meaningful. beautiful.

exploring maybeland – a blog about life and chasing dreams.

oh pioneer – an amazing tumblr photo blog. all nature-y and tree-huggish.

** update** one more blog i just have to add to the list. someone i just discovered…

dace at the long way home. she’s inspiring. empowering. and filled with honesty & integrity.

happy reading, lovely people! peace out.

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  1. what a great list of new blogs! I will have to read through them. I also like “exploring maybeland” by the way! 🙂

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