who knows where blogging will take you

i have an announcement to make – and it’s not so much about me. well, it is about me in the sense that it affects me in amazing ways, but i’m not the one doing anything, i’m just on the receiving end of the awesomeness. and the blogging community is responsible for it all…

*blow bugles*

my dear friend paige (the blogger at for the love of wanderlust) has moved to asheville!!!

ok. let me give you some background: at some point while i was living in sweden – sometime during my first year there – an awesome, inspiring travel blogger named paige started following my blog, and i started following hers. we left comments for each other and i ended up talking her into getting an instagram account, so soon we were stalking each others’ photos too. one thing led to another, and we started becoming blog friends. she even send me an amazing package, with jack jerouac’s book ‘on the road‘ in it!

so, through the years, we followed each others’ lives and adventures. and, when i moved back to asheville, paige and i knew we’d have to meet face to face one day. well, she was planning a solo trip across the southeastern usa, when we decided that she’d just have to make a stop in asheville to meet me and lina – in person! plus, i knew by now that she’d love asheville.

well, this past january, she made that trip and stayed with us about 5 days. it was the beginning of our real friendship – which has felt more like a family-ship than anything else. by the time she left, she declared that she wanted to move here. and about a month or so  – and two more trips to asheville! –  later, she decided that she would actually, really, truly move here!!

and yesterday, paige made the big move! she is now officially an ashevillian (all the cool kids are. hehe)! and i/we could not be more excited and amazed! below are some of our celebratory moments just after she arrived last night!

seriously, people. from reading each others’ blogs for the past 3 years to meeting face to face to being neighbors. what a powerful, powerful, amazing thing this blogging world is. what a gift it is to have the opportunity to travel and meet people, to find new friends and kindred spirits. what an incredible way to change lives. and i have the joy and pleasure to have the blogging world affect and inspire me over and over again.

all i have to say is that i am so grateful. and excited. and i encourage you, if you are a blogger or a blog reader, to reach out to each other – you never know what will happen or where blogging just might take you!

oh, and one more thing: welcome home, paige!!

peace and love. xx

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post!!!! Thank you so much for welcoming me in the most amazing way ever! I love the whole crew and I’m so thankful for blogging, for you, for Lina, for Nick! I LOVE IT

  2. Cracking news, pretty mind blowing too! Congrats and good luck on the move paige 😉
    I like the new blog name! Reminds me of mine, though think my days off trying to write have died there time…
    Keep enjoying ladies!

    1. I’m still waiting for you to pick back up your writing – I’ve always loved reading your blog. But, Instagram is a pretty awesome way to stalk you too! 😉 xx

      1. haha! Stalker 😉 Just kidding! I’m down with the stalking – otherwise wouldn’t have social networking!
        I am desperate… desperate I tell you… to attempt writing again…
        But I need a focus / a need / or some form of reason to – I don’t know why, but I can’t just go blindly unfocused anymore, hence the no writing and disabling it all instead…
        there’s blogs out there i find hugely inspiring (yours included within this), and I love the connections, and the blog world – hence still reading commenting etc… just not sure what I Myself should try…hmm anyway, I totally digressed!
        But thanks for the comment 😉

  3. Great story! And agreed, I’ve been in wonder about the friends I’ve made from mutual reading and commenting. Lovely.

    1. I don’t know Alarna – perhaps it flows back and forth both ways. Whatever it is, it is a beautiful thing. xx

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