who run the world?


guess what i did yesterday?! i saw beyoncé in concert! for real!

floor seats
sitting in our “seats”, waiting for the fun to begin!

i admit that i have never been a die hard crazy fan, but hey, everyone knows beyoncé. she’s a legend. and so, when my love & i had a chance to get tickets to her concert in stockholm, we did. i mean seriously, even if she’s not your favorite person, that woman has energy. and passion. and man, can she dance & sing. i have always admired her, so i was pumped to spend an evening becoming one of her little worker bee’s… dancing, singing, jumping, and all but worshipping her musical royalty. and i did just that.

beyoncé’s entrance!
this is not my photo. i found it on the internet & i can’t remember where. but at least i’m not taking credit for it. hehe.

and oh my gosh, she did not disappoint. beyoncé gave 110% to everything that she did. it’s hard to believe that we were not her only stop on her tour, since she gave herself completely to her performance, making it not just a concert, but an experience. and she delivered a message of love and the power of the people, seeking to be the best they can be. and of course she changed clothes like fifty million times. wow.

b25d0c46c89611e2aea022000a9d0ee7_7 IMG_0780 IMG_0783

it was an even more unreal experience given where are “seats” were. we had no seats. we were in the standing section on the floor, close to the stage. like amazingly close. i was there, sweating jumping, singing, laughing, and dancing with my love and her cousins. we had a freaking blast. what a lucky girl i am!

IMG_0791 - Version 2

IMG_0802 - Version 2


IMG_0804 - Version 2

beyoncé, i am a true, in-awe-of-you, fan now.


IMG_0809 - Version 2

so, who run the world?! girls!

peace & music.

*all photos taken with my iPhone.*

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  1. haha
    I think i would have tried to sneak up all the way in front (like we did during the Garbage concert). I’ve never been a big fan of hers either but that show looks a.ma.z.i.n.g!

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