it’s actually a never-ending journey.

well, today’s it. the last day of may. the end of the journey of self- discovery. and so the question is… what have i discovered about myself?

i have discovered that i am way more multi-faceted than i thought. when i created the photo journey for may, i chose to divide the month up into 4 different parts: heart, mind, soul, & body. the word prompts for each day, within each category, were meant to encourage me/us to focus on my heart, mind, soul, & body. i thought that i would completely love one or 2 of the weeks way more than the others. but, you know what? i loved them all equally as much. and so i learned that i use all four of these ways of living and relating to myself & to others = i am more complex and diverse that i thought. cool. and i am an ever-changing person; and yet a grounded, whole, simple soul at the same time.

i like that. makes me feel a bit balanced.

you know what else i like? taking pictures! so, here are the photos from my last part of the may photo journey. this section is all about the body. it’s all about being an active person. being someone who is involved. engaged. taking chances. making a difference.

ok. enough rambling… here are the pics!

23. hero


24. sleep


25. snack


26. focus


27. change


28. society


29. risky business


3. my personality


31. a dream i have


there ya go. may’s photo journey is all done! how amazing is it that we are who we are? all unique, worthy, wonderful, & beautiful people! what a great journey it has been for me. thank you so much for joining in or following along!

and , now, i’m wondering… what do y’all think about yourselves? have you learned anything about yourself in the past month? (whether you participated in the photo journey or not).  what have you experienced or learned during may? talk to me, people.

love & peace as you continue your journey.

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