Why this has been one of the best spring staycations ever

I’ve been tweaking + rewriting + updating my website for a couple of weeks now. But, I’ve really spent some time this spring staycation aligning it with my soul work. I’ve had the gift of time for the past 6 days, so I’ve been able to dig deep, scribble in my notebook, and create copy here that really reflects who I am + how I want to show up in the world.

And, it turns out, that this slow unfolding of my website (there are many things which you may not really notice) is also absolutely aligned with the season.

Spring is, of course, associated with the energy of rebirth + new life. We see the signs everywhere. Clear, obvious, and long- awaited. I actually had no idea that I would be re-doing this website, but taking the action to redesign + rewrite + update it simply arose from my own inner rising.

You see, rising has been my intuitive focus for this month. Back in the beginning of April we had a new moon that ushered in spring. Along with that came all of those vibes of beginnings + openings + blooming. To me, specifically, I felt the beginnings as a rising from my soul. It was a natural transition from March’s energy of grounded becoming. Internally I had been shifting + evolving + accepting that a new birth of my soul was on its way. And April came with the perfect setting for beginning to slowly emerge from my inner growth, the perfect setting for slowly unfolding + budding + eventually blooming.

So, as I have journaled + meditated + watched the earth slowly begin to awake around me, I have also begun to rise from my grounded self, from the darkness, from where I have been to who I am becoming at this phase in my life. And that means embracing a whole new rebirth. A whole new acceptance of my powers, a renewed set of spiritual practices, and a return to my call to preach (share my truth).

And the most natural way to begin this opening, this blossoming, was to redesign + update my website. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just evolved into it. And, this time, instead of deciding some amazing launch date, I have just slowly, continuously pecked away at adjusting + aligning this space with my inner space. And, through this very private celebration of new birth, belovelive has become an even more sacred space for me. My only desire now is to share it with you.

Back to these past 6 days of spring staycation. Lina + I decided to stay home and just be with each other. To take it slow + decide what to do with each + every moment. The main focus has been to be with each other and to relax. And, as I sit here on my last day of our staycation, I feel confident that we have achieved our goal.

And because of this consciously slow holiday, I have been gifted the time to have my own personal Holy Week retreat during this spring staycation. I created a morning ritual that kept me at the kitchen table until almost lunchtime every day. Writing, meditating, sipping coffee, gazing out the window, sharing breakfast with my love, soaking up the sun spilling through the window, just being. I pondered the holiday. I journeyed through Holy Week in my own way.

Honestly, it’s been the perfect Holy Week for me. Not following the traditional Christian rituals, but grounded in my knowledge + connection to my mystical Christian roots, I created my own rituals using crystals, oils, music, readings, an email series (not mine, I subscribed to it) breath work, moon phase work, oracle cards, and Scripture.

As a result, I feel more connected to the mystery + magic of the celebration of death + life + a calling to rise in love more than ever.

There’s no wonder why we, no matter what religion or spirituality, celebrate new beginnings, birth, fertility, and life during this time of the year (or in 6 months for you in the southern hemisphere). The deep, cosmic, earthy magic I feel swirling all around right now is palpable + powerful. It is inspiring + almost overwhelming.

The call to us, the call to me, at this point of the year, as I have intuitively felt it, is to rise. To rise to a new way of living, to a new way of loving, to a new phase in our lifelong evolution. And it is not meant to be all at once. It is not meant to be sudden. Our rising is meant to be intentional, unfolding, and intuitive. It is an ongoing process of waking up. Of becoming more + more of who we already are. For our sake + for the sake of the world.

So, like the moon + the stars. Like the smoke from incense. Like the sun at dawn. Like a flower rooted in the earth. Like a butterfly testing her wings as she emerges from her cocoon. Like a bud on a tree. Rise, wild souls, rise.

Spring staycation blessings from me to you. xoxo. liz.

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