writer’s block wednesday. sort of.

i seem to not be in a blogging mood lately. but, i want to be. i have a lot of questions rolling around in my head too, so it seems that i would have plenty to write about. one of them is me wondering whether i should pick up my journal again and begin writing on a piece of paper a little more. perhaps i feel a pull to do that. i think it was my way of praying. and it’s more convenient. writing with pen & paper. i can take my little journal with me. i can’t take my computer. and throughout the day i inevitably always find something that i want to write down & remember. or perhaps i need to get up earlier everyday and spend some time writing. i did that for about 2 years straight, and it was amazing. or perhaps i need to not write at all right now. (eww. that just feels wrong to say. forget i said that.) whatever it is, i feel unbalanced. i have time to write, but i don’t do it. i want to write, but i can’t. what the heck? am i uninspired? am i just lazy? well, we can all tell one thing that i am. confused.

ok. i have made no decisions. i have just thrown all that out there, trust in the universe, and will wait to see what comes of it. in the meantime, i’ve gotta get ready for work. still, i can’t help but continue to wonder… what comes next with my writing?


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  1. yeah, it happens. and i think i will take up that pen & paper and do a little soul-searching. hehe. i do have an iPad, perhaps i should start thinking about that too! hope you have a great day, c! thanks for your comment. xx

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