yep. it’ s week # 3 in instagram pictures.

it’s late & i’m tired, but not too tired to share some pics. hehe. so, here we go…

day 15: car

 we have no car & i couldn’t find the car that i want, which just happens to be parked in our neighborhood pretty often. so, i went artsy & posted this picture of a random car parked outside the gate of our apartment building.

day 16: sunglasses

 day 16 was no day for sunglasses here. it was cold & cloudy, and the best we could do was try some on & dream about warmer places.

day 17: green

 yes. i’m aware that there is no green in this picture. but, it was our st. patrick’s day celebration. i think the irish items in the pic make  up for the lack of green. right?

day 18: a corner in your home this corner in our apartment became a spontaneous music corner when lina spread out all of her stuff.

day 19: funny

wakey. wakey. good morning to our little zola who just sat up & opened her eyes. she is so not awake yet. funny girl.

day 20: before & after

a blog post before. and a blog post after.

an extra pic:

 i chatted with my parents on Skype the other day. my dad took the computer out to their dock, sat it in a chair, and then sat across from me. it was hilarious! and it felt like i was right there with him. crazy cool.

day 21: delicious

 a delicious fika (coffee break-ish type thing) at work with some lovely ladies.

and a few extra shots from work today… where we now have our new sign up at the church where i work. (click here to read more about the history of why we needed a new sign). it’s so cool.

ok. my internet peeps. i’m over & out tonight. hope your wednesday has been fab.

peace out.

0 thoughts on “yep. it’ s week # 3 in instagram pictures.

  1. You make me hungry every time you include pictures of cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

    Anyway the new church sign looks great! I hope that the more neutral (nondenominational) name is a good invitation to the many people walking past the building. Great location!!

    1. hey anonymous person!
      haha!!! we most definitely eat the sandwiches all. the. time. good thing they’re yummy. 🙂 as for the sign, it is certainly an exciting thing for many reasons, and hopefully inviting, as you say!

  2. I love this post! I really, really love the picture you took of your wife playing the violin. It’s such a sweet little peak into your life!

  3. I think the best part of seeing your pictures – or anyone’s really – is the story behind it (: Great pictures! Instagram is awesome, isn’t it?

    1. I know, right? Telling stories through pictures is sometimes way more powerful than words. And, yes, Instagram is such an addiction! I like following your pics too. 🙂

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