12-14: The weeks that got away from me

10 + 11 | The two weeks that went by… just like that

9 | The week that was my return to work

8 | The week when my emotions were almost too much to process

7 | The week that the full moon + I manifested two job offers!

24: The week that was the end of it all

23: The week I got the Covid vaccine (and so much more!)

20: The week that was all over the place

How I Align My Life: Ways to stay grounded at work + at home

Working from home gives me all the feels: My Covid-19 update


Transitional vibes between summer + autumn are a real thing

The weeks that gave me the space to simplify

The week that felt like the actual beginning of the New Year

How I am learning to live slowly in a fast-paced world

Vacation is over + it’s time for a whole new work vibe

Graduation: One of the finest Swedish traditions there is

04. The week that was an intense shift in thinking

Being present. Day 5: Diary of a slow life

Oh me oh my // Songs for days 161 – 169

Two weeks of sunshine, simplicity, and slow living// Songs for days 147 – 160

Hi! Let me introduce you to Liz, the professional.

Why (my) Fridays are the sh*t

the week that stirred my soul // 46

the week that i had a weird schedule // 43

the week that i tapped into some big magic // 35

the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

the week that was a love fest for myself // 28

the week that was one step closer to my vacation // 27

the week that was my look back over the 1st half of 2016 // 25

summer lovin’

the week that felt all over the place // 24

the week that i declared the beginning of summer // 22

the week when i was looking for a change // 21

what if it’s not this or that, but everything all at once?

the week that was a lesson in getting some perspective // 8

the week that was a lesson in slow living // 4

how to find your zen at work: living life both on + off the mat

why you need to run out + get a mentor/life coach right now

week 51 // the week that was the week before christmas (+ a video!)

week forty nine // the week that i trusted the process

// week thirty eight // it’s the little things that mean the most

ten on ten :: september 2015

my routine upgrade: how to keep making sh*t happen

// week thirty six // a whirlwind of a week

// week twenty nine // there’s nothing like a good work/play balance in life

5 steps to creating a zen work space + making your dreams come true

my daily routine: or, “how to make shit happen”.

writing my memoir: researching myself