you don’t have to actually go anywhere in order to travel.

taken last night, while we were working. you can travel anytime… just open your eyes and look around.

it’s true. i believe it.

but, still, it’s nice to go someplace new. or visit someplace you’ve been before. it’s wonderful to taste new foods, see new sights, meet diverse people, surround yourself with a different culture. i love the experience of learning and the excitement of the adventure of coming face to face with the unknown. travel changes me. i feel as if my mind and my soul expand a little every time i travel… there’s more space for love and respect for others. compassion grows. and there is so much to reflect on… my place in the world, the struggles of our neighbors, the history and beauty of a certain place, the holy connection between humanity.

while i love to get in a car, or get on a plane and go some place new (and i would do it every opportunity i could!), i was reminded today that i don’t actually have to go anywhere in order to travel. having a pilgrim’s soul/heart makes me yearn for travel, but it also helps me to learn how to see every day as a journey…

i came across 2 phrases that resonate with me. they feel good in my soul when i hear them. it’s how i would describe myself. how i envision myself; how i live & want to live. both statements come from creative people: one a well-seasoned later-middle-aged author and one a wide-eyed, self-employed, spunky young woman photographer. both are world travelers and both are professionals. the author is one of my favorites and the photographer i just discovered (thanks to lina’s cousin, j.) both of them inspired me today… to follow my dreams, my whims, my legends, my soul. and to live and observe everything around me, and then share that with others.

the young photographer, nirrimi, says “i’m a gypsy living out of a suitcase but at least i never stop moving, never stop creating.” 

and the well-known authors, paul coelho, says, “i’m a pilgrim writer.” 

well, i’m not a professional writer or photographer (but, perhaps one day i will be! hehe). still, i get what they mean. and hopefully they won’t mind if i use their words to describe myself from time to time. gypsy, pilgrim writer. perfect.

as for traveling… it is part of who i am. i cannot deny it. but, to travel, does not mean i have to jump on a plane to some far off place. i can travel on a journey when i go around the corner to the grocery store, or across the bridge to a cafe. it’s all about my perspective and my willingness to see every day, every moment, every person as part of the journey. here’s a little more on that from paul coelho…

“Every day is different, every day can have a magic moment, but we don’t see the opportunity, because we think: ‘Oh this is boring I’m just commuting to work.’
How many interesting people you are missing, just because our parents told us “don’t talk to strangers”? You must get as much as you can from any journey, because – in the end – the journey is all you have. It doesn’t matter what you accumulate in terms of material wealth, because you are going to die anyway, so why not live?You have to look at life itself is a pilgrimage. Therefore, start moving, start talking to strangers!”

some of the most interesting people i have met have been strangers. some have changed my life. some were a part of my life for a short period of time. but, had i not allowed myself to focus on the moment as a journey itself, and only been concerned where i was traveling to next, then i would have missed some very important moments in my life.

yes, i want to travel all over the whole entire world. and i will see as much of it as i can throughout my life. but, i must also learn and remember that my neighborhood square holds just as many interesting people and experiences as well. everywhere i go, i travel. and i write. and i take photos. it’s who i am.

a gypsy, pilgrim writer, living from her soul.

peace around the world.

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  1. Sometimes I get annoyed because I seem to attract the weirdest people. But then little things like your post remind me that this is actually a good thing. Last Tuesday we were at a Swiss embassy party and I was there chatting and mingling with all those people I didn’t know. So I realised again what a blessing it is to be able to comfortably start a conversation with strangers!

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