beautiful norrköping in the summer.

one of the joys of having a crazy work/internship schedule is that you get to seize the moments that come along. yesterday was another day, in a long string of beautiful summer days here in norrköping. ahhh… august in sweden. i’m loving it. and while most people are still on vacation and we’re working, our topsy-turvy schedule gives us different times off amost every day. yesterday we didn’t go to work until 5 pm, so we had all morning to be lazy and the afternoon to enjoy the weather. so, we took a short walk across the river and headed to a cozy outdoor cafe. and boy, it was cozy! like a little fairytale land… and it was a perfect afternoon with yummy food, beautiful sunshine & blue skies, and fantastic conversation with my love.

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  1. And I get to enjoy Norrköping in the summer, too, in 2 short weeks!! 😀

  2. I will agree with Nicole, the cafe is beautiful! Your photography skills are wonderful, each post gets better and better! Cheers!

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