while lina + i were in the states this summer, we were asked to be guests on a local podcast in asheville. it was super fun and we suddenly, immediately, decided that it was time to create our own.

we don’t really know why it suddenly felt so right, but it just did. for both of us. we truly just felt that this was something that we could do together, to grow and evolve, to share, to gain experience, to be creative, and to maybe, just maybe, inspire someone somewhere.

so, while were were in asheville, we bought a good microphone + some pop filters, and got to work planning what we wanted our podcast to be about.

once back in sweden, we made even more notes and plans, and then, this past monday, we made a little studio in our living room and recorded our first episode!

podcast podcast

after that, we spent some time creating a cover photo, editing, and figuring out exactly how to upload and submit it to iTunes. and, after waiting a few days, our podcast was approved! and now it’s live! and that feels so exciting and big – like, who knows where this might lead?! more importantly, though, if just feels amazing to create something together and then to just through it out there to the universe.

podcast cover photo

now, here comes all of the info you need so you can listen + subscribe!

you can find the podcast by going to iTunes and searching for liz+lina in podcasts. or by clicking on the links below. we are also working on finding different platforms that we can upload it too as well, so everyone can access it. in the meantime, it’s iTunes + soundcloud. if you have any questions or requests, please let us know!

→ iTunes 

→ soundcloud 

we really hope that you like it! personally, we want you to simply feel like you are having a conversation with us. so what are you waiting for?! grab a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine or some beer, and settle in for a few minutes of chatting with liz + lina!

xoxo. liz