the week that i said “no!” to vacation being over // 34

happy sunday, folks. can you freaking believe that september is just a few days away?!  it feels like summer is slowly slipping away and we are shifting seasons, doesn’t it? the weather has held up pretty nicely, giving us some beautiful late summer days, but, there is definitely transition in the air.

are you ready for it? no matter if you are moving from summer to autumn or winter to spring, eclipse season is upon us. time for us breathe deep and flow with the changes… not always easily done, i admit. but, september invites us to step forward and embrace that we are all still evolving. there is a lot waiting in the wings in september, i think. but, more about that later on this week.

for me, personally, right now, i am trying to remain balanced. work is inteeeeense and kinda hectic. i’m still in the midst of those beginning of the year crazy moments. and i feel like i’m playing constant catch-up. never doing what i write down that i need to do, but always taking care of whatever happens to pop up right in front of me from moment to moment. unexpected meetings, conversations with confused students, problems to solve, schedules to fix, emotions to calm.

talk about living in the present. of only focusing on the here + now. my work definitely teaches me the art of being present. which is a really good thing, actually. and i am tired at the end of the day. exhausted. but, still, balanced. in other words, so far, i’m not stressed. plus, i know that things will settle down somewhat in a week or two. and then it’ll just be there regular amount of going with the flow of whatever comes my way.

so, here’s a bit of what my week looked like. it’s not like having vacation 24-7, but it sure did include some vacation-y feeling moments that help to keep me feeling sane: walks to + from work. sunsets. friends. time with my love. lunch breaks outside. being creative. letting off steam. dancing. coffee. meditation.

sunset tree walking me work moon sunrise sushi work pub friends churchill arms dinosaurs work leaves lunch uppsala river apple tree home golden sunset party light box

apples backyard home

what do you do to keep yourself sane? how do you relax and wind down and find balance in the middle of a hectic schedule? do you have anything that makes you feel like you? that keeps you focused + motivated + inspired?

how do you make it through the week? just a regular ole week… how do you do it? have you given it any thought? or do you just exist, going through the motions day after day, waiting for the next weekend or holiday or vacation?

you know, i saw a quote once that mentioned that if we spend all of our time waiting for the next vacation – and in sweden, this is very common. we work and work and work and wait for the next 5 weeks that we will get for vacation next summer – if we are just waiting for our next time to breathe and relax, instead of including breathing + relaxing in our everyday life, then we are seriously missing out on life. get my drift?

there’s no need to go about pining away for the next time we have off. we have the power to create our life – and i mean every single fucking day – exactly as we want it to be. sure, we have responsibilities, and we may not love them, but even in the middle of taking care of the shit we’ve gotta take care of (if that’s how it feels to us), we can choose how we want to approach life. we can add as many things that we are passionate about into our days as we wish.

it’s crazy, you know… our lives are totally up to us! we have the power to choose. our attitudes. how we spend our time. whether we slow down or speed up. if we are present or if we just aimlessly do things without giving anything a second thought.

sure, we can up and change our lives totally + completely, if we feel we need to or want to. and i highly recommend that, if you see that it’s possible. or we can simply add in a pause for 5 minutes of breathing in the middle of our day. or whatever the hell it is that makes you feel good.

so, this week, when we are faced with a crapload of stuff to do – whether we like it or not – let’s not just waste away our present moments waiting for next weekend… instead, let’s use our present moments to create our life the way that we want to live it. let’s make ourselves happy, or content, or at peace right in the middle of regular old life.

i dare you!

xoxo. liz

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