You guys, my 15 year old self, 20 year old self, and even 30 year old self would have never thought of myself as a Boss Woman. Like, for real. I mean, I felt something inside of me, but I was just so afraid to let it out. Or, I didn’t really know how to let it out. I even remember an old boyfriend of mine begging me to simply break free. But, I didn’t even know what I needed to break free from.

Turns out, I needed to break free from all of those expectations I had put on myself. All of those thoughts about what I should do + how I should be. I needed to break free from feeling like I was boring, different, and instead embrace my funky spirituality and my call to living a slow, meaningful life.

But, you know what? I freaking am a boss woman. And I always have been. In truth, we’ve all got a little boss woman inside of us – even you more masculine types.

So, what really is a boss woman, you wonder? Well, according to my fellow blogger friend, Miriam over at Farm Girl, boss women are “kickass women who pursue their dreams.” She writes this series “dedicated to strong women who do whatever the fuck they want.”

Is that me? Why, yes. Yes, it is.  I recognize it. I own it. I accept it. And goddammit, I celebrate it.

About a week or so ago, I got an email from sweet Miriam, a Canadian-German expat blogger, who asked me if I’d mind being one of her Boss Women in an upcoming post. Of course, I said YES! I was totally overwhelmed with pride and excitement to be chosen as one of the inspiring women she wanted to feature.

So, she sent me some questions as a kind of interview. And this past weekend, I carved out a little time to sit with myself and ponder everything she asked me. Turns out, it was a really amazing opportunity to think about my journey in life. And to discover the ways in which I really am one of the boss women.

I quickly realized that I am gifted with this interview at just the perfect time. It’s my birthday month – always a month that I celebrate + reflect on my life – plus, it’s my 10 year anniversary of deciding to get divorced, quit my job, sell everything, and move to Europe.

What I am saying is: It’s my 10 year anniversary of accepting + embracing my Boss Woman self!

So, if you’re now curious about my interview + the things I said about my life, my work, my philosophies + beliefs, and basically how I try to channel my bad-assery, then head on over to Miriam’s blog to check it out. You can find it right → here.

And, thanks, again to my inspiring blog friend for adding me to the the list of these beautiful, inspiring souls. I am most deeply humbled.

Now, its time for me to take my bad ass boss woman self + head off to work for today. And it’s time for you, dear reader, to discover + let free your inner boss woman/boss man/bad ass self… ’cause we’ve all got it in us.

Happy Hump Day! xoxo. liz.