# 1 to get you in the mood.

here you go! the first in a series of posts from our trip to the states! today’s pictures are inspiring views to show you around my favorite beach area in the whole USA: atlantic beach, morehead city, & beaufort.

when i opened my eyes in the morning, i looked out my window onto the curvy oak trees and the water. so cozy & magical.

 after climbing down the stairs and grabbing a cup of coffee, i headed out to the dock to enjoy the early morning. ( a little side story. there were wildfires burning forests in the surrounding areas, so i was not able to enjoy the dock every morning. some days when i opened the door, the smoke was so heavy and thick. not safe at all! meh. but coffee inside still looking at this view ain’t bad either!)

midway through our vacation, we left my parents’ beach house and “moved into” a rented house with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who came down for a week from connecticut. all in total we were 14 family members, but only 8 at our rented beach house, which was directly on the ocean. so, every morning, instead of the dock, morning coffee was now on the porch overlooking the ocean. an amazing way to begin every day for a week!

a few times we hopped in my dad’s boat and had some adventures. woo hoo!! love love love riding in the boat! this is the cozy seaside town, morehead city. great seafood, some cool bars, and beautiful water.

the charming harbor town, beaufort. love it.

my brother & his wife, T and my cousin & her husband, M live in beaufort. T is a fantastic potter & she was part of an art show while we were there. i’m so proud of her! check her out here. and you can check out my cousin here as well!

most of the time, though, we were not in the cozy, cute cities… we were here. on the beach…

or in the water!! yep. that’s my family. i love my family.

stay tuned for more… peace to you all! 

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