10 questions + 10 answers

time for a fun little post! the other day, my love posted 10 questions + answers on her blog, inspired by her cousin’s blog. so, i thought i’d continue the fun + answer my love’s questions, then pose 10 new questions for you guys. it’s totally voluntary, but i’d love it if some of you joined in and spread the fun even further!

ok. here ya go. 10 things that my love asks. and a chance to get to know me a little bit better:

1. What’s your morning routine?

if i’m really good, i have prepared the coffee the night before + set the timer. i usually wake up before it brews – i’m an early riser. so, the first thing i do is check my phone (i have GOT to STOP making that first. stupid addiction) + while i wait for the coffee. when i get up, i wash my face, slip on a sweatshirt, and grab my coffee. then, i spend some time meditating + talking with my love. not necessarily in that order. just depends on the morning. usually i meditate first. then, i prepare some breakfast. i may make a phone call to my mom just to say hi. and finally, i’m ready for some writing + blogging.

2. Which part of the year is your favorite, and why?

i seriously cannot answer this. if we are talking seasons, i always love the one that i am in. truly. no kidding. i actually try to live in the present moment + appreciate what is going on around me in that moment. but, i can tell you what i love best about each season: spring – that bright green color on the trees just after the leaves have popped out, flowers, that feeling of rebirth. summer – water, sunshine, long days. autumn – everything about nature, bluegrass music, festivals, my birthday! winter – snow, fires, hot drinks, blankets, twinkle lights, christmas music!

3. What’s your favorite drink?

oh lord. this is so very hard. i love me some coffee. i drink it all day long. every day. it’s probably my absolute favorite.

4. What would you do on a day off?

hmmm… the perfect day off would consist of these things (not necessarily in this order): my love. coffee in bed. the woods. a movie. some beer. a few friends. music. time alone. dinner out. an open road.

5. Where would you like to go at this moment?

there are so many places. but, if i could hop on a plane right this minute, i’d go out west. to new mexico or wyoming or oregon. i need to get my wild + free on.

6. What’s your favorite dish?

nachos. tacos. mexican food. which reminds me… i gotta travel to mexico. how amazing would the food be?!

7. What are the first five things you would save out of a fire?

our cat. my computer. some books/journals. my granddad’s framed prayer. my wedding ring (we have tattoos now, so we don’t wear our rings).

8. What’s your favorite book, movie, and tv-series?

  • book: to kill a mockingbird – the book that taught me all about racism + equality
  • movie: across the universe – a movie using the beatles’ songs… reminding me to live life to the fullest + to embrace the adventure of living
  • tv series: i am totally the walking dead obsessed!

9. What’s your favorite music right now?

anything americana + folk! i need to feel grounded, rooted, and authentic right now. these styles of music do just that for me. inspiring me with their quirky, unique, bluegrassy sounds. and, right now, my favorite group is elephant revival. got them on repeat on my spotify account.

10. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

T H A N K S G I V I N G ! family. food. traditions. and the beginning of the holiday season. such pure, simplistic joy. i love thanksgiving so freaking much! and it’s only one week away! which reminds me… i need to begin my grocery list for all of the yummy food.

Feel free to answer the following 10 new questions and keep it going!

  1. What moment from your life always makes you smile when you remember it?
  2. What are three words to describe who you are (not what you do)?
  3. What movie or tv-series could you watch over + over?
  4. What song would be the soundtrack to your life?
  5. Who is the most memorable/interesting person that you have met in 2014, and why?
  6. You’ve been given a month to travel! Where are you going to go?
  7. What websites do you visit every day?
  8. What is your nighttime routine?
  9. What is your favorite space in your home? Describe it!
  10. What are you longing for?

have fun! i can’t wait to read your answers!

light + love xx

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  1. I’m all over this! And I’ll join in!! Love reading more about your answers!
    You don’t wear your wedding rings?!? Why not wear and have tattoo?!

  2. I love your answer on seasons – I feel the exact same way about spring. Yesterday it felt like spring in New York – warm air, birds chirping. I thought how awesome it was to have this feeling in November.

    Also, food in Mexico is amazing! It can be quite spicy, too, so don’t overdo it on the jalapenos. I’m sure your way will lead you there one day.

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