meditation mondays: embrace your tree-hugging nature

i woke up on my own this morning. before any alarm. and before the coffee pot, which i filled + set last night, started puttering and spitting and brewing my morning pot of coffee. i woke feeling energized, even though the rain was falling down hard outside. usually, i just want to creep under the covers + stay there when it’s dark, chilly, drippy weather like this. but, not today.

i awoke inspired. ready to get moving + to make things happen. i waited until the coffee was done (let’s be realistic, folks), filled my mug, lit some candles, and parked myself on the floor. totally ready to start this week with a bit of meditation.

so far, this november, we have explored a little bit of the native american belief of going on a personal quest to discover one’s purpose in life + the native american focus on families, especially women + ancestors. this week, we extend the circle even more. we move from our self, to our families, to the entire earth.

we all know that native americans deeply respect and care for the earth. honestly, it’s one of the reasons that i admire the native american culture so much. as a group of people (and i aware that i am generalizing right now), they are grounded + connected, believing that there is spirit within everything. it comes from a belief that the earth is sacred – and, if the earth is sacred, then every single thing in it is also sacred. holy. magical. beautiful. everything is equally worthy. the trees, the birds, the waters, the flowers, all animals… and the entire human race.

it is a belief in the unity and harmony of all things.

this is something that speaks so deeply to my soul. this is something that i learned from my christian upbringing and experiences, and then, as i explored other religions and faiths, i discovered is the foundation of many of them as well.

which begs me to ask one question: if so many of us have these thoughts deep within our belief systems, why don’t we live like that? why don’t we, not only respect nature, but each other as well? why is it so hard to see the pure, equal worth of each other?

well, as i let those thoughts roll around in my head this week, and as i ponder the beauty + the importance of the earth + everything that is a part of it, i return again and again to the native american way of life to inspire me. i let the natives’ love for all things natural teach me how to live a life that is more wild, organic, holding regard for each and every little thing that lives + moves. this week, may i learn to be even more aware of my surroundings – giving thanks to the universe and the divine spirit that connects each and every one of us to each other.

native nove nature

happy monday, dear sisters + brothers.

sending you boundless love + light. xx

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