11 questions to give you all those Autumn vibes

I do a post on the autumn equinox every year. Because I loooove it + because I find it important to mark the changing of the seasons. To marvel at how the light changes + how the air feels different. But, how do I want to watch and observe and mark this seasonal shift today?

Out of curiosity, I went back through my previous posts; and I must admit, I got a little stressed out about doing a post for this year. I really like my previous autumn equinox posts. So, what more do I have to say about this magical day that ushers in a season of slowing down + turning inward?

Well, turns out I have a lot more to say. When I stopped to think about the energy that I feel around me, as I leaned into it, dug into it, and listened to it, then I realized that there is much more to ponder, consider, and contemplate.

So, in order to get my thoughts out + share them with you. I went back to a post from two years ago. A little survey post with questions all about the season of autumn. And I decided that I’d re-do that post because… I mean, seriously… who doesn’t love a fun, reflective question + answer post?! Plus, what better way to see how things change + how they stay the same.

Alright, lovelies. Here we go! Hang with me and take some time to wonder for yourselves what autumn means to you.

What do you imagine when you think of fall?

The first word that comes to mind is balance. I picture the world, completely balanced. For just a moment…. total alignment. The word equinox actually means equal. And, this day is literally a day of equal parts daylight + darkness all over the world. It’s as if it is a breathless moment of pause for the entire earth. 24 hours of quiet, still, perfect balance. Like the moment in between breaths. The magical gap moment. A moment that holds potential, just before a significant shift… ushering change and evolution and growth.

You know, the seasons of the year teach us that change is inevitable. The golden + red leaves that let loose + fall to the ground show us, literally, that we too must surrender and accept that change is coming, that the turning of the wheel of life continues. It’s a fate that we cannot escape. We grow, mature, experience, evolve, and move through life. Flowing with the cycle of the seasons, year after year.

And yet, even in the midst of all of this inevitable change, we are truly the weavers of our own destiny.

So, that moment of potentiality that we find on this equinox day actually becomes a symbol of the potential + possibilities that exist within us. The world may seem chaotic, random, and ever-changing; but the order of the universe always balances out + within our day to day living, we are the ones that actually affect our own life. As we go with the flow of life, as we turn with the wheel of the seasons, we can create the life that we envision, by choosing how we deal with the change + the turning.

We choose how we wish to evolve. We choose how we use the potential that is in this breathless moment.

Of course, change doesn’t always feel good. Let’s face it. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer. It a pain in the ass to have to deal with things that pop up in our daily lives that we weren’t counting on. But, it’s up to us how we respond to it. Whether it seems for the better or for the worse, we can accept it with softness and grace. We can pause in the breath of a moment as the change is occurring, be at peace with it, and choose how we wish to move forward + embrace the season that is upon us.

What’s the worst with fall?

Ok. If I’m honest, the worst thing about autumn are those weeks where it is dark and gray and cold and rainy day after day after day. And, that often happens in November in Sweden. It’s tough. It really is. It is the darkest month of the year, because the snow has not yet come or the holiday lights have not yet appeared in all of the windows + trees all around the city. Some days it’s just so hard to get out of bed and get motivated. Yep. True story.

And what’s the best with fall?

The atmosphere. Hands down. As a lover of slow living, this season just oozes with cozy, relaxing, snuggly moments. All of that darkness and rain and cold is actually the thing that draws us indoors, so don’t get me wrong with my answer above, I really love the autumn weather. It’s just that day after day of it for weeks on end often leaves me yearning for one tiny little day of sunshine so I can get a wee dose of vitamin D.

Nevertheless… the colors, blankets, candles, comfort food, holidays, the night sky, reading, coffee, crunchy leaves. nature, family, traditions, holidays, balance, darkness, light, home, coziness/contemplative times.

Gaaaaah. It’s all so warm and lovely.

Your fall outfit?

Sweaters, especially a long, chunky one over a t-shirt. Jeans. Boots. Gloves. Scarves. The end. Enough said.

What do you have on your to do-list?

Visit cozy pubs. Make pumpkin pie. Walk in the woods. Candles e-v-e-r-y-where. Carve a pumpkin. Weekend reading. Host a Halloween cocktail party. Drink apple cider (spiked, of course). Celebrate Thanksgiving. Stargaze. Make s’mores. Watch scary movies. Watch cheesy Hallmark rom com movies about fall + Thanksgiving.

How to you treat fall “depression”?

Meditation. Seriously, this is my go-to way to live in acceptance. I simply do my best to embrace the darkness.  The dark mornings are especially cozy. I usually get up early, light candles, stretch, and sit in silence. In all honesty, I bask in the darkness. It feels so sacred + pure. It feels like truth.

I let this quiet, alone time help me focus and reset my soul every morning. By meditating, I remember that all is as it should be. That all is well. And that this season of life is simply all part of the journey. Through meditation on these dark autumn mornings, I begin my day with a deeper sense of trust, which sustains me throughout the day.

And, should I find myself feeling down or stressed as I go about my everyday activities, I simply try to return to my breath. Literally. I stop what I am doing, or find a spot to be alone as soon as possible, and just breathe. For only a minute or 2. Then, I return to my day.

But, the dark mornings. All alone. Just me, some candles, and the morning stars. That’s where the magic happens.

Best music for dark, rainy days?’

Weeeeell, I’m a playlist kind of girl, and I’ve been creating them for years. One of the things I love best is creating playlists based on the mood of the season. So, I’ve made tons of playlists for each month. Basically, if you’re in the mood for some cozy, folksy, autumn vibes in your home or at work, then head on over to my profile and follow me on spotify. I’m thinking you’ll definitely find something to listen to. I’ll link some of them directly below:

September 2016 / September 2015

October 2016 / October 2015Halloween party

November 2016 / November 2015

And, if none of this does it for you, then make your own playlist! I would absolutely love to get a link to it, too, and perhaps discover some new music from you!

What TV-series are the best to watch?

Autumn nights are best spent on the sofa, under blankets, with my love… watching Netflix. Here are just a few of the series that we are totally into right now. Plus, a few of my favorites that just give me that Autumn feeling.

Outlander: Season 3 running now!

The Walking Dead: Next season begins October 22

Narcos: 3 seasons on Netflix. Next season 2018.

Stranger Things: 1 season on Netflix. Nest season premiere on October 27

→ Halloween + Thanksgiving episodes of Friends + Gilmore Girls. Always.

→ Oh! And It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown + A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. ‘Cuz I’m a big kid at heart.

What is your favorite autumn meal?

I have some favorite foods that I always make during Autumn… cozy, warm, one-dish meals. And then there’s… THANKSGIVING, the mother of all amazing meals in this family. But, of course, I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try that will warm my body + soul. And with Pinterest, I am never at a loss for inspiration.

So, I looked up some recipes that are a bit different, but include some of the classic autumn veggies and here’s what I found. Just click on them to see the recipe for yourself!

vegetarian chili

butternut squash with rosemary + halloumi

pumpkin and cauliflower soup

sweet potato chicken (tofu, for us) bowl

I’ll totally be making each of this dishes over the next few months – and my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Any trips planned?

Actually, no. This autumn, as we often end up doing, we are hanging close to home. Nesting and cozying up. Keeping it simple and slow.

However, we do have a weekend trip to Norrköping in late October for a wedding. And guess who is the wedding photographer for this wedding?! That’s right! It’s been a couple of years, but I cannot wait to get behind the camera again + capture those magical moments of a wedding. Especially for an autumn wedding!

How do you prepare for winter?

You know, honestly, I don’t think I use autumn to prepare for winter. Or I don’t really prepare for winter at all. I try really hard to just be in the midst of the season that it is. To soak it up, feel the vibes, enjoy the special moments that come with the current season. And then, I am always simply ready for the next season as it rolls around. I truly am.

Ultimately, I prepare for winter by soaking up autumn. It is a magical time of the year that inspire us to turn inward, slow down, let go, and gather together all that is within us.

So, as the days grow ever shorter, as darkness creeps over the land and fills the sky once again, I know that in my soul autumn teaches me what is most important in life. Autumn brings with it the chance to slow down just enough to be grateful for all that is a part of life, and to begin to plant those seeds within my soul that will bloom + grow when spring returns.

For now, though, as they are fruits of this year are harvested and new seeds are planted, it is just time to wait. And be. And go with the flow. The cycle of life is doing exactly what she should. Mother Nature is teaching us, once again, as the leaves drift down to the ground that another season is over…. but in its place, in due time, a new season will begin. For now, though, we simply enjoy the colors and the traditions and the joys that are around us.

With that, my friends, I bid you a warm, cozy welcome to Autumn! Please feel free to copy these questions + answer them for yourselves – on a blog or Facebook or even Instagram. 

Whatever you do, take a moment to notice the changing of the season. Happy Autumn, wild ones! xoxo

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  1. Yes I loved this!!! Love reading this from you!!!
    AND Happy Birthday lovely!!!
    Do you mind if I pinch these questions for a blog post? You know what – I think I know by now you totally won’t!

    1. Of course you know me by now! And you are so right! Use it! Can’t wait to read it. ? xoxo

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