Surrendering to September’s Dark New Moon + Resting in the Equinox

We all know that as autumn creeps in, we tend to turn inward as well. The air turns crisp. Rain + snow begin to fall from the sky. Leaves let go + surrender to this phase in their cycle of life. And it just feels natural to slow down, get cozy, and breathe deep. So, tonight on this new moon, on this almost equinox day, let’s do just that…

When there’s a new moon, there’s always a sense of mystery. Looking up, we cannot catch a glimpse of la luna; but, her magic is there. And as we celebrate the beginning of this next lunar phase, we are also closing in on the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. The spring equinox for you southern hemisphere folks, of course. No matter which season is upon us, though, this new moon ushers in a time of deep reflection and meditation.

This is a time, with this new moon, to go to the heart of who we are.

To not do anything but look inward and bask in the stillness. And, as the new moon rises, it calls us to embark on a season of delving into our own personal inner universe so that, from that grounded, intuitive space, we can hone our skills and meditate on our hearts, so that later we can align our outer, physical life with our inner, quiet, soul life.

Right now, It’s all about balance and alignment y’all. It is a time of manifesting what we see and feel within, to what we live and experience with-out. It’s the time of year when seasons change, when we let go of the old and accept the changes that are before us. Changes that, unknown as they may be, will move us higher, deeper, and closer to living our true, authentic lives.

But, before we can manifest + align, this new moon calls us on an inner journey.

It is a slow journey, you guys. We’ve got months and months of darkness ahead of us. So, there is no rush. Now is not the time to be hurried or to force any plans into action. Instead, it is time to accept the coming darkness and to use it as an atmosphere of quiet reflection. A journey into deeper awareness and reflection.

Now, let me be clear. There’s no need, in my opinion, to search or work to figure anything out right now. We don’t have to feel any pressure to discover anything or learn anything or plan anything. All we need to do is stand at the center of our being. That’s it. The only thing to do is to let go and trust the guidance of our soul. All that’s needed is to just look inside. See and hear and feel what our soul offers us. All that we need to know, all that will move us or touch us or inspire us, will simply rise up.

The time is coming for us to focus on letting our own unique powers flow through us. To discover and set the intention for our dreams + desires to begin to be applied to our everyday life, manifesting our inner spirituality into our daily life.

But, it’s not time for that yet.

Now is the time for setting the intention to simply be quiet. To trust our inner vision + wisdom. To let our intuition guide us through the dark. 

And, I feel that this season of turning inward, this journey to the center of our soul, is meant to be very slow. Even though we will not be doing anything, the work is being done. This is the nurturing, quiet, grounding, foundational work. The stuff that’s hidden + behind the scenes… just like new moon nights, when we cannot see the moon in the sky, but we know she is there.

So, what else is there to do, my friends? Well, I think that it’s just to surrender.

Just as the leaves surrender to falling to the ground. So, too, can we surrender to our own grounding. During September’s new moon it’s all about quiet, still simplicity. So, let’s just look up at the dark sky tonight. And then let’s set an intention to carve out some time every single day to find some magical time to just meditate and reflect and be quiet. To let ourselves go. To rid ourselves of any idea that we must or should do anything to be better people. And to surrender to our souls, accepting and loving who we are right now. Listening to our heart and soul. Letting our intuition lead us forward.

Our purpose right now, in the hidden, mysterious, magical darkness of this new moon + into autumn, is to just be.

Whatever messages and plans and visions and ideas will come to us. They will grow and arise and break forth in their own time. In time all will make sense. All will come to pass.  And, in time, we will begin to live out everything our soul shares with us. Aligned. Balanced. Authentic.

Cozy, warm, dark, new moon blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz

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