tuesday. 22 november.

after spending the morning writing, i met a friend for lunch at his place. it was cozy & relaxing just to chat with each other. it’s amazing to meet new people, get new perspectives, & grow. when i left after lunch, i ran a few errands & then took a long stroll home, taking pictures along the way. at home again, i baked a super easy blueberry pie (i’m not a chef. at all.) and had the pie & a pot of coffee ready when my love arrived home. we chatted, caught up on each others’ day, and gobbled down the pie. then we decided to play a few games, something we don’t do that often. but it was really great to listen to christmas music and just chill together, doing something different. now, dinner has been eaten & it’s time to just hang out together on the sofa. all three of us, of course. zola has taken her place on lina’s legs. it’s foggy & cold outside, but inside, we’ve got it really cozy, warm, and calm. hope you have had a wonderful tuesday!

 cool graffiti.

we freaking love these apartments! dreaming…

tree hugger.

 birch tree bark. so swedish.

 the river in late fall.

playin’ in the leaves.

a man & all his possessions. i watched him digging through every trash can he stumbled past.

 blueberry pie. (pic by lina).

 zola decided to play games with us too. she stole my numbers. cutie. (pic by lina).

the beautiful & BIG tree brought into the square near us for the holiday season. (it’s norrköpings rockefeller  center! hehe.) waiting for the first of advent… it’ll be all lit up on sunday!

goodnight & peace.

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