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# 3: sunrise over the mediterranean sea.

one morning last week, i woke up early. really early. the sun wasn’t up yet and i was tempted to roll over and fall asleep again. but, then, i had another thought. how many times would i get to see the sunrise over the mediterranean sea from a greek island? we are definitely not guaranteed moments in life to repeat themselves. so, with a seize the day attitude, i climbed out from under the covers and went out onto our balcony to watch the sunrise…

as you can see, it was a beautiful morning. but, i was so close to the water… and i wondered what the sunrise looked like without any trees or buildings in the way… so, i headed out of the room and down to the nearby rocky beach. and it was amazing!

good morning, world. peace & warmth to you all.

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  1. Carissa Carissa

    Breathtaking!!! Way to seize the day!

  2. Nicole Nicole

    Absolutely love those pictures. Especially the one that just shows the reflection of the sun on the water and the rocks. Just stunning x

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