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endings + beginnings. that’s what i’m thinking about this morning, one of my last mornings sitting up all alone in the quiet, early morning hours in my apartment in asheville. it hurts my heart, and yet, i am most assuredly excited + ready all at the same time. when i woke at 6 this morning, i was so tempted to stay in bed under the covers + just snuggle. i probably should have, since i’m ending 2014 with a freaking cold. but, the silent solitude called to me. so, i brewed a pot of coffee and pulled out my photos, ready to begin this last day of 2014 with a blog post. a summary of my year – in photos. and, since i focus on travel, spirituality, and wilderness on this website, i thought i’d organize my summary with those themes. i suppose you could say that i tried my best to soak up life in the present moment this past year, that focusing on travel, spirituality, and wilderness, i learned to focus on the here + now. in fact, i do believe that i accomplished learning the craft of living in the moment in a deeper way than ever before.

however, i’m not going to say too much more today. instead, i just want to share with you some of the amazing moments that i will hold very close to my heart for always. and, while, it has been a struggle sometimes internally (not making things happen/doing things that i wanted to do for my life), 2014 has been filled with amazing moments of laughter, joy, peace, and inspiring people. i’ve traveled, made new friends, spent time alone, created a space for wilderness in my life, meditated, and enjoyed life to it’s fullest. take a peek!

 | TRAVEL | 

d i s n e y   w o r l d



a t l a n t i c   b e a c h


n e w    y o r k    c i t y


s w e d e n


| spirituality |


| wilderness |


but, now, my friends, it’s time now to move on. i’ve balanced myself and taught myself to stay grounded in 2014. in doing that, though, i haven’t accomplished things that i wanted to accomplish. so, in 2015 it’s time to fly. time to act and live and make things happen. who’s ready?! i am more than happy to close the book on this year – this beautiful, blessed, filled with love + people + places, year. however, now it’s time to move! (literally + figuratively! hehe!). 

happy new year’s eve! see you in 2015!

onwards + upwards, lovely people! let’s go!

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