22: The week that was all the big things

Big things happened this week. It feels like I’m saying that every week lately. But, really big things really happened this week. The biggest thing that I want to share in this post is that we’ve sold the Yellow Villa! But, more on that in a bit. Plus there are a few more things and a whole bunch of Swedish summer weather moments that I also want to share…. so welcome to the summary of the week that was all the big things!

Graduation week!

This year I celebrated my 6th and last graduation at the school where I work as a mentor/counselor. I know that this was my last year, but I am certain that it hasn’t sunk in yet. It doesn’t feel real at all. Nevertheless, because I rationally know that I will not be doing this again, I made every possible effort I could to be present + soak up the week-long celebrations. Even in the midst of all of the other big things going on.

The special thing about this year is that I have been the mentor for both of the graduating classes, so they are all my babies. And I got to celebrate double! I absolutely think that it was the best + most amazing way to end my time as a mentor. Of course I was super emotional all day, long feeling the pride while watching so many of my students who have fought to get where they are receive their diplomas + head out to create their lives. It is suuuuuch an honor to have been able to be even a small part of their journeys.

Swedish summer arrived!

This may not seem like one of those big things to others, but it is totally a big thing in the nordic countries. When summer weather arrives, it really arrives. And, after the long dark winter, a gray + cold “spring”, and a year and a half of a global pandemic, when summer showed up this week, it was definitely something to celebrate. So, I did. I couldn’t stop myself from taking photos of trees, flowers, the sky. The colors are so vibrant + bright right now, it’s almost indescribable. The sun is warm + high + does not set until 10pm this week. This is the month of golden light. And, that is a really big thing here in Sweden.

Toe surgery?!

A less exciting, but most definitely on the list of big things from this week, is the toe surgery I had on Wednesday. It wasn’t a huge surgery, but it was big enough that it definitely threatened all of my graduation plans. I was home from work and in bed all day on Thursday, with a ton of pain, and feeling so much FOMO (fear of missing out) for not being able to help with all of the graduation day preparations. I did, however, force myself to work all day of Friday – even with the pain + my inability to walk. I was exhausted by the end of the day after 13 hours away from home, but it was soooooo worth it.

Saturday in the sun

That summer weather continued into the weekend and it was just the thing that I needed to recuperate + rest. The reason my backyard hangs makes the list of big things from this week is for two reasons. One, it really is that amazing when the weather turns summery + we can just chill in the backyard all day long. And, two, it is so important to me/us to soak up these last few weeks that we have this magical space. It’s less than 4 weeks now till we move, which is so freaking exciting. At the same time, we will not have this absolutely perfectly cozy backyard anymore. We’re trading it in for a mid/high-rise urban balcony, which will be just as magical, but in a whole different way. So, I’m sinking my feet into the cool grass + hugging all of the trees that I can right now. Enjoying every single moment, color, smell, sound, and feeling.

Little things that are big things

Yeah. I’m saying coffee is a big thing. It is totally one of the big things in my life. Mostly because, as I probably mention every week, it serves as a ritual for me. A grounding, anchoring, centering, calming, resetting, awakening ritual. And anything that improves the state of my soul, anything that that inspires my spiritual growth is important to me. So, yep. Coffee moments from this past week. A big thing.

Goodbye to the Yellow Villa

It’s official. There will be new owners of the Yellow Villa. And everyday we move closer + closer to saying farewell to this most cozy, little apartment that we have loved + has loved us back for 5.5 years. We signed papers + met the sweetest young couple who will be moving in + taking over. Turns out, they are a bi-national couple like us. She’s from Canada. He’s from Sweden. So, we totally clicked and it feels soooo good in our souls to turn the Yellow Villa over to them.

Of course, signing the papers made it all real. And it suddenly felt like the time before we move got even shorter. It’s crazy. And, I think Lina + I are both feeling some of those nostalgic, melancholic feelings of realizing that we really are leaving this place. A place where we have made so many memories together + been through so many life changes together. So, I think we really are focused on just enjoying the time we have left because we know that it’s going to go by so very fast.

It’s been one wild week, I guess you could say. So many big things. It’s a bit dizzying, I must admit. And there are moments that it really feels like it’s too much, to be honest. But, staying present + simply focusing on what is happening in this hour has been our strategy. That, and finding those sweet, moments in the midst of it all.

Now, I need to settle into the rest of my Sunday and prepare for the week ahead. It has its own fair share of big things waiting for me. Breathe. Be present. See the beauty. Give thanks. One moment at a time. Ok. I think I’m ready…

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “22: The week that was all the big things

  1. Wow! That is a busy week — and congratulations!!! How exciting (and I am sure melancholic) to sell the yellow villa.

    and this… “Breathe. Be present. See the beauty. Give thanks.” Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, sweet Louise. It is so very exciting! Hope your week has been well. Hugs to you.

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