23: The week I got the Covid vaccine (and so much more!)

I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine this week and that is most definitely the most important thing that happened… I guess. It feels like everything that happens is important these days. And I know I say that every week. But, that’s why I brought back The Week That Was series… because there are so many big, life-changing moments that just pile on top of each other day after day. Still, of all of the things I’m going to share in this post… getting my first dose of the Covid vaccine is definitely the most important one. Combine that with a bunch of new moon energy, farewells + celebrations at work, and more summer weather and suddenly I’ve got another jam-packed week of important things going on and keeping me busy, exhausted, and emotional.

The week started with my Covid vaccine, though. I got a message that I could now book a time just a few weeks before, so I jumped on it and was all done by Monday evening. I waited with major anticipation as to how my body would respond to the vaccine, especially since I haven’t had Covid at all. But, the only thing I experienced was a very mildly sore arm. That’s it. Not even a headache or anything. Oh my god I am so grateful + so thankful + feeling like I am one step closer to seeing my parents and my brother and Mik after 18 months (so far) since we last were together.

This was a freaking big start to a busy, important week. But, for me, the Covid vaccine was so much more than just about me. It affects + protects me, of course. But, in my opinion, participating in the act of getting vaccinated as an act of solidarity is bigger than doing it for my own sake. It’s the way that we can slowly move into the next phase of life as a global community. And that feels amazing.

I feel like I need to talk a little about the new moon solar eclipse that happened this week. While, I didn’t really observe or perform any rituals to mark the new moon I was fully aware of it + felt a ton of energy both before + after. This past Thursday was the new moon and, as all new moons, it ushered in the moon cycle for the next month. This makes the energy of all new moons all about new beginnings, resetting, starting over. But, this cycle started also with a solar eclipse…where the moon moved between the earth + the sun, causing a very few places in the world to experience a little darkness.

Most of us didn’t see anything, but if we are aware then we can perhaps tap into the energy of a whole new phase that is opening up for us.

Obviously, with all of the changes happening in my life right now, that is the main vibe that I’ve got all around me. But, it’s not just about the physical changes of quitting my job + moving to another city. It’s also a deeply spiritual beginning. I can’t really put my finger on it or find the words for it, but I am shifting into something new. Aligning with my own soul in a deeper, greater, higher way. Tuning my life into the rhythm that is meant for me in a much more real way.

For all of us, this new moon cycle takes us into summer (or winter). There is a shift of the seasons + we move from the archetype of the priestess + her personal power, to the archetype of the wild woman. But, much more on that in a couple of weeks!

Nevertheless, this moon cycle is transformative for us all. And by the next new moon in mid-July, we will be surrounded by all new energy. I will literally be living in a whole new city and apartment with a whole new chapter of my life getting underway. Damn, that freaks me out a little bit. But, in the most humbling way.

And then there’s all the farewells that have already started.

I am entering my last week of work as a mentor at the high school where I have been since 2016. Last week we celebrated graduation. This past week, we made it through the last days of school with the rest of the students. And by Friday, we the staff, were celebrating summer vibes.

If I reflect for just a moment on this past year, I realize just how different, challenging, and abnormal it has been. To be honest, since work on Friday, I’ve had nightmares (I’ll call them nightmares because they have been really negative and difficult) about work this weekend. I assume it is a way that I am releasing all of the negativity that has been a part of this school year. I have so enjoyed working with new students, but I must admit that it has been weird now that I am quitting to have had a year with all new students. I’ve had none of the familiarity of the other students that I’d been working with for years. At the same time, these new girls were so great. And I’m beyond words grateful for a chance to get to change my perspective + try new things.

The year is ending in a kind of chaotic way, but these last few days have been golden with the students + my co-workers. I have received so much love from both groups and I have been touched to tears time after time for the ways that they have honored me with the most personal farewell gifts that I could ever imagine.

I’ve been ending this week at home with my love. We’ve done some shopping, enjoyed some fun drinks, and have focused on taking care of each other. Plus, of course, some cozy backyard hangs. We also realized that we have only 2 weekends left in the Yellow Villa! Holy crap. It feels really heavy and sad. Of course, also totally time.

So, that’s most of what happened this week. Sometimes there’s just so much I can’t get around to it all. But, it feels like enough with a new moon, farewells at work, and my Covid vaccine! Plus there are other deeply personal things that I’m just not ready to share quite yet. In any case, I am well + things are moving forward with super speed. Next week will also be a really big week. So, we shall see how I am able to document + share all of the happenings of my very last week at work. Gulp.

I hope that all is well with you, loves. If you find some time, take a moment to think about all of the new beginnings that may be calling to you right now. Sending you all my love.

xoxo. liz.

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