25: unusual.

listen to this song as you read the post. it’s a little unusual, but it’s just perfect. i’ve had it on repeat all day.

the weather around has been unusually warm, which means that i completely missed spring fever & hopped right on over to summer madness. i’m telling you, it’s been w. a. r. m. dare i say hot. but, if i say hot, i say it in a non-complaining way because after months of cold & darkness there is no way this chick is gonna complain about some warm sunshine on her skin.

so, basically, i want to go on vacation. like now. it’s pretty much all i can think about. if i was in the states, then i would be having a mini-vacation this weekend. it’s memorial day… the unofficial official beginning of the summer season. a trip to the beach would have been in the cards. but, i’m gonna deal with the here & now. vacation comes in the middle of july. and again, i’m not complaining. i work part-time & have 3 weeks paid vacation in july/august. unheard of to this ex-pat from the country with no understanding of the importance of vacation. seriously, usa, 1 – 2 weeks per year? lucky i live here now where i have a total of 5 weeks paid vacation.

so, i’m not in the states, and i’m not heading to the beach this weekend, BUT the weather here is quite summer-like. ok, really summer-like! i broke out some summer staples from my wardrobe today, and that put a big ole smile on my face. luckily, i’ve also been able to enjoy some time outside almost every day with my love… just chilling on a blanket or taking a little walk.  love that quality time together. love soaking up the sun. love taking my shoes off and feeling the grass. love seeing the little creatures, like 3 squirrels that i am gonna say i’ve made friends with, as they scamper about taking care of business. love to see the trees all full of thick, bright green leaves. i just love it all. yeah, it’s been unusually beautiful here. and i’ve been enjoying seeing things come alive again.

so, this here post’s gonna be all about the sun, the blue skies (which are waaaay more beautiful than in north carolina. sorry, nc, but we don’t have the humidity here), and the warm temps, which have even caused a cozy little thunderstorm or 2.

walking through downtown today, i unintentionally found myself following behind 2 very interesting & unusual men. what’s their story, i wonder…

like i said. blue skies. green leaves. amazing. these are my 2 favorite colors. for real.

my most important summer item: my flip-flops. i live in them. and yes, they make me a total american. one of those laid back, hippie, tree-hugger-ish kind. i’m just not one of those high-fashion swedish chicks; and i embrace my free-spirited, non-fashionista, inner hippie. and hey, i’m in my late 30s. i know who i am and i don’t feel any pressure to be anything but me. yep.

 happy, sunny me!

hope you’ll have a gorgeous weekend, rain or shine, filled with those things that are most important to you. for me, it’s all about my love, my work, and a little time for myself. if i can balance all of that well, then i just might pull off a fabulous weekend.

wishing you sunshine, music to make you dance, and moments of peace.

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    1. Oh, Rebecka, thanks for asking. Unfortunately my wife is really sick, so we were not able to make the trip. Of course, we will make it there one day!

      1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that she’s not well. Hope that you will make it there another time!

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