a little love for the blog world.

a week or so ago, i read a blog post by victoria where she thanked her readers for reading her blog, but also for writing on their blogs. as i read her post, i felt the desire to do the same.

i had no idea how passionate i was about writing until i got into the habit of writing on my little blog here. ironically, a high school teacher once told me that i was terrible writer. then, my job required me to write a lot – so i found myself reflecting & writing sermons and other inspirational things on a regular basis, falling more & more in love with the process of writing. and finally, i began journaling during a very weird, soul-searching time in my life. writing became my outlet for expression. now, writing has become one of the most important things in my life – i truly feel called to write, to share, to inspire, to connect. it is my dream to be a full-time writer, to earn my living from photography & writing (but that’s another blog post for another day).

and while it’s amazing to have this space to write & express my thoughts and feelings, it’s not just that. not just a place to spew out my thoughts & wonderings. this space has become a space for conversation, for meeting new people from all over the world. and all of this is making me a better, wider, more open, more loving person. i definitely feel more inspired than perhaps i’ve ever been. or at least in a completely new way. i feel more free, more like me.

but enough about me. this blog post is about you…

you who visit my little site once a day, once a week, or perhaps only one time ever. you who leave comments & engage in a little conversation with me. you who click that follow button & commit to continuing the conversation, the connection. you who are willing to embark on this crazy, eclectic relationship through the internet.

this post is also about you who write. those of you who type your feelings and thoughts out on a computer screen, and then share them with the world. you, who i agree with & disagree with. you, who challenge me to think out of the box and reflect on who i am. you who share little snippets of your life with me through your words and your pictures. i am honored to be able to get a glimpse into your life. and i sometimes find myself thinking about you at random times throughout the day… how amazing is that? you, who i have never met, and yet have made such an impact on me. and, of course, you, who are my family & friends living so far away from me. i am so thankful to be able to keep in touch.

for all of you, readers & writers, i thank you. thank you for being part of my life, for reminding me every day that i am not alone. i may not see you in person or hear your voice as your speak, but i do see you and i do hear you. and i am overwhelmingly thankful that you see & listen to me too.

what a gift it is to belong to such a wonderful, ever expanding group.

keep writing & posting, my friends. i’ll keep  reading.

and keep coming back to visit me. i’ll be here. peace.

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  1. “ironically, a high school teacher once told me that i was terrible writer”


    I’ll impart some of what I’ve managed to sift through & find in my years on this planet & in dealing with other human beings…

    We are damaged goods. All of us. I think that is the single most important thing anyone can know & understand. Secondly, it’s ok to be damaged- because we can learn, adjust, and heal (yay!). Lastly, inside the damage is the propensity of projection towards others. Likely, your teacher decided to visit upon you his/her own internal failings. It was their issue, not yours.

    I read your blog because it’s interesting. And uplifting & honest. You do well. Keep writing, keep seeking, you will be fine.

    1. You are so sweet, Tracy. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. I’ll kep right on doing what I do. 🙂 So glad to have you as a reader.

  2. Hi Liz – you write so beautifully sometimes I’m embarrassed I even have a blog. And I know exactly what you mean about thinking about other bloggers throughout the day. I do the same and I’ve grown very attached to people I’ve never met. It’s a beautiful thing. You’re beautiful.

    1. Amber, you are too kind!! You comment embarrass & humbles me. Keep writing, my friend. I looove to read your stream-of-consciousness! And thank you, again.

  3. It’s amazing how the Internet can connect people who seems worlds away. It brings everyone together and points out that we aren’t all that different, and that we all have something to share with each other if we are so inclined to listen and be open with ourselves as well as with others. It’s a fascinating thing. This is the second time I’ve connected with people through the Internet. The first time was over YouTube, and I learned so much and grew so much over those I met. It shaped who I am now and who I will become. Each experience in life impacts us, and the people I’ve “met” over the Internet have been one of the greatest impact on my life so far. Such an experience, an opportunity, too awesome to miss out on.

    Thanks Liz, for writing and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I never tire reading your entries. Each post is a breath of fresh air for me.

    1. Heather, I am so glad you gave me that challenge some months ago, and that I responded. Think how life would have been if I hadn’t stumbled upon your amazing blog! Keep seeking out your patience, the writing will come back soon. And, you know I’ll be checkin’ in on you every day. 🙂

  4. My high school teacher once told me I was terrible in writing as well. Due to that self-fulfilling prophecy I never achieved any grade higher than a B after 8th grade.It’s interesting how these small opinions can change your life but luckily once I went to an American college I discovered my love for writing and got really mad about these dumba** teachers who can pretty much ruin a great writer’s life just by saying those things to half-grown-ups. *sigh* Good you never got discouraged and held on!

    1. Generally when someone says I can’t do something, it motivates me even more to prove that I certainly CAN do it! Glad you found your passion for writing too… I think you’re great! 🙂

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