28 days of love. week 2.

is it really true? are we really half way through february already? part of me is very grateful…. the part that is longing for warm weather, sunshine, & new adventures. my lack of vitamin d is seriously affecting my mood, my sleep, my energy. meh. the other part of my is terrified that february is flying by. i think that every single weekend is filled with something from now until the end of june. gaaahhh. that causes me serious panic & stress. but, it is what it is. the second week of the my 28 days of love is complete! 14 more days of love to go! the perfect chance for you to pick back up or begin the challenge for the first time. no one said there were any rules to this. hehe. it’s all about fun & photography & community! here come my pics.

day 8: sentimental

michael jackson

day 9: admire


day 10:hug


day 11: crave


day 12: heart


day 13: red 


day 14: love


here’s to hoping you have a fun-filled, exciting, relaxing, great weekend full of all the things you love best!

peace out.

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