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welcome to uppsala!

i’ve had a a few days now to start to find my way around uppsala. i knew some very basic things, like where the castle is and where the cathedral is, and where the river is downtown. i knew where the station is and where…

6 Feb 2015
the sacred everyday

sensory overload. part 13.

hi friends! it’s monday, again. time for a new week and time for my weekly sensory overload post! i find it pretty fun to go through my photos from the past week, and notice the things that were inspiring, amazing, and just simply…

31 Mar 2014
the sacred everyday

sensory overload: part 7

this past week was all about one thing: S N O W ! i’m pretty sure that there was snow falling from the sky at some point for six days straight. crazy! at the beginning of the week paige was still here with us,…

17 Feb 2014
asheville the sacred everyday travel

where is paradise to you?

“wherever my travels may lead, paradise is where i am.” – voltaire it’s no secret that i love to travel. and i do it whenever i get the chance. i love big trips which mean saving big money for planes tickets. and i love…

13 Feb 2014

wednesday wisdom: rules of living #1

for the next 18 weeks (that’s from now until the middle of june!), i will be using the 18 rules of living by the dalai lama as my guide for the wisdom in these wednesday posts. i want to  tap into the amazing philosophy…

12 Feb 2014