i need your help in march!

28 days of love comes to a close today. and waiting in the wings is a new challenge for march! something i need to finish up today. hehe. yes, i am last minute. i actually enjoyed having a theme for the month of february, so i think i’ll do the same thing for march. though, i’d love to make this a collaborative effort. sooooo… if you have a word you would like to include (a word related to the theme, of course), just leave a comment below (by 6pm EST) with your word and i’ll put it in the photo challenge. yay for collaboration!

and march’s theme is:¬†journey.

ok. here are my last 7 days of love.

22. beauty 23. wild 24. intimate 25. present moment

26. savor 27. enjoy 28. me

start thinking about march’s challenge & leave me a comment by 6PM EST!! i’ll explain the theme later when i post the challenge. can’t wait to get underway! ps. thanks to all of you who participated in february!

love yourself to pieces today… ‘cuz you’re worth it! peace.

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