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march photo a day

here it is!! the march photo a day challenge! and boy, it’s a doozy. it’s gonna be a tough one. but that’s the point, right? time to get our creative juices flowing. so, grab your cameras or phones and start thinking about taking a journey.

the theme for this month, journey, is inspired by the season of the year. and the words are courtesy of fellow instagrammers and artists. but, why is the theme about a journey?! well, we journey from darkness to light during march, as spring begins. we also journey toward easter (if you are christian) by celebrating the season of lent – a time of self-reflection and transformation. march is a transition month. we move from one part of the year to another. it’s a month of motion and change. a journey, i believe.

the thing about journeys is that they are almost always filled with unexpected hardships & treasures. so, the first half of the month includes words that remind us that journeys are dark, dangerous, and tough. but, the second half of the month reminds us of the light, hope, and excitement that comes with any journey. of course, a journey may be a literal trip that we take from somewhere to somewhere else. but, it may also be a trip inward, into ourselves. no matter what, new discoveries, new understandings, and new experiences are always part of the trip.

so, let’s get ready to take this trip on our own,in our own way; and yet together, as a community of photographers & creative souls.

use the words for each day as a prompt. it’s not always gonna be easy this month, but interpret the word however you will and snap something you want to share. post the photos of your journey on your blog, on facebook, on twitter, or on instagram. and let me know where you are sharing your photos! i wanna keep up & see what you’re up to!

so, my friends, march has now begun. our journey is underway. sometimes we may feel frustrated and all alone (at this photo challenge, and in life). but, as i have learned so far in my journey in life, we are actually never alone. there is always someone there. my march seems daunting to me. lots to do, and none of it really planned. it’s hard to explain, but i admit that i have more than enough anxiety for this month. and yet, there is some something exciting about it too. i know i will make it through everything, but it is most definitely an unknown journey on which i am about to embark. of course, i had no idea that my march would be shaping up to  be such a potentially crazy journey when i chose the photo challenges theme. so, something is at work. something reminds me to simply breathe. to take it one day at a time. and to use this photo challenge as a way to slow down, to focus, and to simply be present in every moment.

i’m happy to have y’all with me on my journey! thanks for sharing your path!

happy snapping! peace.

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  1. !!! This sounds so great. I want to participate but am not sure that I can do the camera work. I think I really want to do it, so I will do it with photos I find online, though I might use some from my pinterest account. I wish I was more settled into my new home so I had more time to do some photo-taking. Okay maybe the next time… I am hoping. 🙂

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. yay!! glad to have you join in again!! pinterest is so freaking amazing, and i sometimes use it too. 🙂 getting settled in is frist and foremost for you, and who knows, maybe you’ll get to pick up your camera before the month is over…

      and then, there’s always april! i already know the theme for april too! 😉

      1. Lol. Okay I will definitely be ready in April and able to go out and about so much more in the April weather. 🙂

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


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