9 reasons this old soul loves September

Let’s just start with the main reason I love September.

1. September baby

It’s my birthday month. I mean, really. Enough said, am I right? I may be turning 45, and other people may get all freaked out about being 45; but all I can say is: Bring it on! I love love love birthdays. Why would we not want to celebrate completing another revolution around the sun. It’s such a gift to wake up + breathe + experience. And turning 45? Well, that’s just one more year of becoming more secure of in who I am, of living my inner truth, of dropping into my soul, of standing grounded + rooted in my being, of knowing who I am.

So, yeah. I’m totally gonna keep celebrating birthdays every year. And you know what? For some reason, this one feels really, extra special magical. 45. 4 + 5 = 9. September is the 9th month. Maybe this year will really be something special. The vibes certainly are starting that way.

But, this isn’t a post about my birthday. This is a post about September in general. And, if I didn’t celebrate my birthday this month, then I believe my old soul would still be crazy in love with September. Reason number two is this:

2. Autumn vibes

The themes of this season could not be more aligned with my soul. Balance, release, inward, nature, harvest, home, darkness, sunset, wisdom. These are the things that an old contemplative soul craves. These are the energies that swirl around us this month. And this is aaaaaallll me.

Leaves falling. Cool air at night. Dark mornings. A turn inward. Coming home. Warm food. Nature changing into her muted, earthy tones. The shift of the seasons, the approaching equinox… it all reminds me of the cycle of life. the balance of it all. And autumn is the contemplative time of the year. A time of slowing down + appreciating all that is right here, right now. Just before the darkness sets in.

3. Dark mornings

Speaking of darkness, September brings later sunrises + darker mornings. This is absolutely my most favorite time of the day. I tiptoe into the kitchen every single morning. Light candles. Brew coffee. Write + think + observe + listen + intuit. It is the most holy sacred time for me, the mornings. And autumn mornings usher in that feeling of coming home. Of settling into my soul. Of contemplating everything. I could sit for hours + hours every day.

But, in true September style, I don’t stay at my kitchen table. I balance my quiet time alone with my daily work. I get up from the table + move out into the world. Returning to my dark morning ritual every sunrise. To ground myself + fill my soul. It’s all about the balance.

4. Morning rituals

Coming home to my soul + turning inward during my dark mornings inspires me to engage in slow rituals that help me connect with both earth + spirit. The energy of September not only reminds me of who I am, but inspires me to reflect on who I want to be. And, to ponder all of these things, to think about what has been, what is now, and what I desire to manifest/how I want to live, I need rituals. Rituals that are simply small, mindful acts of presence + remembrance.

Morning rituals ground me every single day by giving me space to breath and reflect. The month of September is made for reflecting… those last few days before we begin to descend deep into the darkness of the end of the year. This is the time to start to slow down. To find meaning in the practice of connecting with the earth + with spirit.

5. Nature’s offerings

As much as I can, I wish to get outside during September. The weather in Sweden is gorgeous. Sometimes rainy + moody, sometime brilliant + radiant. But always a bit of warm + cool mixed. Chilly, brisk mornings + evenings. Warm + comfy days. Days that leave me totally unable to decide what to wear because I know that the weather will change as the hours tick by.

I don’t need to spend much time outside, though, to appreciate it. However, I do need to connect with the earth every day. If I don’t I am afraid I will miss something. Nature changes so quickly during this month. From summer to autumn. From green to gold. From warm to chilly. It is pure magic how the cycle of life is expressed right in front of my eyes. Leaves surrendering + falling to the ground. Apple trees bursting with ripe fruit just waiting to be harvested and shared. Nature’s release + offering to us. It begs me to think… what do I have to offer with the surrendering of my life?

Food for the soul

Warm + filling. Hearty + thick. This is September’s food. As the apples begin to fall from the trees, it’s time to pull out those smells, spices, and recipes for comforting, flavorful food. If there is ever a season, or a month, in which I kind of enjoy cooking, then this is it. And it just so happens that most of my go-to recipes are one dish wonders. Stews, souls, casseroles. Filled with potatoes + veggies + broth. And, who could forget the spices. All the spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, chili, pepper, rosemary, turmeric.

But, it’s not just the food. It’s also the drinks. Hot apple cider. Red wine. Teas + coffees. Moon milk + golden milk. Any-and everything that just feels warm + homey + sacred.

7. Home + Hearth

I love being home in September. And not just to eat or cook or drink. Shifting + preparing my space for the changing of the seasons is always a meaningful process for me. It helps me to set the tone for the upcoming months. So, as the wind blows in the changes, I start to pull out the candles, the blankets, the pillows, the twinkle lights, and all of the fluffy things. It’s the beginning of the time of the year to nest + rest.

Cozy spaces for reading, for gathering, for eating, for drinking, for slowing down. For drawing inward + for diving deep. And it’s always my goal to create a cozy, calm, warm sanctuary. A retreat for us + for anyone who visits.

8. Magic

Sunshine + light are magic. They are life-giving + inspiring. But, the darkness is also magic. The darkness is the place of hidden secrets, of the unknown + inexplicable. September leads us from the fading light of late summer to the coming darkness of October. For my soul, it is like a long, deep breath of calm peace.

The magic of the season feels like tapping into my wild, ancient, true soul. It is the place where mystery dwells. The place where I feel at home. Among the mystical, the quiet, and the spiritual. Where all is not seen, but much is felt + discerned. Magic teaches me to trust my intuition. To rest in the knowledge that I have all of the wisdom I need – from earth, spirit, ancestors – within me. Magic comes from a place of possibility. Not of fear or worry.

Magic teaches me that I am already whole. That I have everything I need. That what we consider magic is simply the sacred being made manifest in everyday life. The seeming magic of the changing of the seasons is simply the cycle of life. The magic of intuition is simply listening to our soul. Everything is magic. Every day is magic. Every moment is magic. Sacred. Holy. Special. Just because it is.

9. Evolution + Rebirth

I want to circle back around to my birthday again. Yes, I am starting + ending my post with my birthday. I’m allowed to do that. Hehe.

But, I am circling back around because that’s what it’s all about. The circle. The spiral. Evolution. Birth-Death-Rebirth.

We always return to where we started + then start all over again. But, having evolved + changed + transformed. That’s the cycle of it all. And with every September, with every revolution around the sun, something is reborn in me year after year. It’s me… manifesting + embodying the circle of life, the wheel of the seasons, the cycle of life-death-life. Who I was this past year is coming to a close. As my birthday approaches, as the excitement begins to bubble inside of me, I know that I am not the same now as I was a year ago. And for that I give deep thanks.

This is what it is all about. Living higher. Deeper. More authentically + truthfully + freely every single year. Every single day.

For me, as this September begins, my old soul knows that the question of who I am is not as important as it used to be. The answers I am seeking now are to the questions how + what. That is the seeking, the unfolding, that lies ahead for me this year. As I reach 45. Knowing who I am. Standing in a grounded, rooted, calm, inspired place. Right between the earth + the cosmos. How can I be a chalice, a vessel, a channel? And what is the message I am to bring forth + birth into the world?

September is my love because it is a new beginning, through the release of the old, every single year.

So, lovelies, happy September. Happy Autumn. And Happy Spring. May the shifting of the seasons inspire you, birthday or not, to live your most authentic, intuitive, soul-filled life. xoxo. liz.

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