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A quiet Mabon + a simple birthday in the midst of Covid-19

Everything about this year is so different, thanks to Covid-19 + the year from hell that seems to never end. Nevertheless, time is moving onward, days are passing, and the seasons are changing. In fact, this week I celebrated both a perfectly simple birthday…

27 Sep 2020

9 reasons this old soul loves September

Let’s just start with the main reason I love September. 1. September baby It’s my birthday month. I mean, really. Enough said, am I right? I may be turning 45, and other people may get all freaked out about being 45; but all I…

6 Sep 2019

An autumn weekend in Östersund, Sweden // part one

Two weeks ago, I was in the small city of Östersund, Sweden with my lovely wife. It was my 44th birthday weekend and she had planned a whole 3-day trip to this little northern, nature-loving town for us. It turned out to be a…

7 Oct 2018

how i became a photographer

it’s all thanks to my dad. you see, as a child, i grew up with my dad documenting everything. and i mean ev-ery-thing. we had photos and videos (the silent, colored ones, of course. because, yes, i am that old.) of every single occasion,…

20 Oct 2016
the sacred everyday

the 2 weeks that blew me away // 38 + 39

holy shit. i’m not even sure i understand all that has happened during these past two weeks. i do know that i’m gonna try to cram in everything that happened in one post right now, when, in actuality, i could have done a post for…

3 Oct 2016
liz+lina podcast

liz+lina podcast // episode #5

The weekend is finally here, and Lina and I have an incredible one on tap! We’re revealing a tiny bit of a secret project that we’re involved in and some pretty other freaking amazing things are going on too! But… you’ve gotta listen to…

23 Sep 2016
life coaching the moon

facing the truth of september’s full moon

sometimes it just feels like everything is all lining up. i mean, you feel like there is a change coming, and shift, and you begin to actually understand + see it in everything you experience. there are a few unrelated, little things going on right…

15 Sep 2016