9:00 pm.

it’s tuesday night and we’re having a cozy night at home ’cause we feel so tired. we did manage to find just enough energy to make a tasty dinner (that lina created. she’s so good at that!). now. we’re watching some tv and headed to bed pretty soon, i think. feels a little weird to be going to bed when it’s not quite dark out yet, though. but, that’s spring/summer in sweden! (which i love.) and it is certainly amazingly nice to wake up to big time sunshine (provided it’s sunny, of course) every morning.

this morning i woke up feeling a little bit anxious… i had the first 3 parts of my last SFI test (swedish for immigrants). if i passed everything (and also pass the 4th part that i take on friday), then i will have completed the swedish course! oh yeah. don’t think i’m fluent, though. i’m not. not by a long shot. but i can carry on a conversation now and read almost everything. yep. i think everything went pretty well today. i feel pretty confident!

i must admit that passing/completing this test makes me think that we are one step closer to coming to NC for our summer vacation. i’m thinking of this next month as a series of little steps before we take that step off the plane in NJ, make it through customs, & see my parents! but, before that happens, there’s a bunch of stuff ahead in the near future. the next 4 weeks are jam-packed with lots and lots of activities and busy times, and it’s really good stuff too… 2 trips to stockholm, a friend visiting us from ireland, 4 weeks & 2 weekends of working (internship), a new baby in the family in the next week or 2, and finishing school. phu. lots to do. have i forgotten anything? all the busy-ness feels good, though. there’s something about spring/the coming of summer that gives you more energy & motivation.

still, i must be sure to slow down when i can & be aware of what’s happening. you know enjoy the moments & take advantage of the beautiful swedish weather. i must take time to read something inspiring, or write, everyday. i must try to reflect on the little things that happen every day that make life extraordinary & wonderful, which i have just done for today. but for now, tuesday is coming to close over here in western europe. it’s time to rest and time to wish you a wonderful wednesday.


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