a few words i love.

i love this. the words are wonderful. how they are strung together, perfect. yes, i want this as well. to be fearless. carefree. spontaneous. soaring high.

happy monday night, dear readers. listen to your heart. feel your soul. and remember to simply be you.

wishing you dangerous, noble things, wings to make you soar, and peace.

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  1. Catching up with reading (i.e. sifting through more than 100 emails for blog posts – I think I subscribe to a few too many) and found this. Couldn’t agree more with you. 🙂

      1. Yesterday I checked my subscription list and I subscribe to 115 blogs. Ugh. Every time I say to myself, that’s it I am not following more and every time I follow a new blog it’s always the last one.

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