baby steps.


guess where i am?! if you guessed on a train to stockholm, you would be right! today i have grown up a little bit. become a little bit more of an adult. you see, i’m on my way to a meeting (with my job) in stockholm… on my own. now, of course i’ve traveled in sweden & other places on my own before. but today feels different. for one, i haven’t traveled on my own since moving here. and, on top of that, i am traveling for business reasons. yep. my days as merely a tourist in sweden are over. now i am a real, live working resident… with places to go & people to meet. feels good. and freaky.

so, that’s my tuesday. an afternoon/evening in stockholm followed by a super late night train ride home. I may be freaked out about it all, and missing traveling with my love, but i’m making the best of this little adventure. these baby steps to swedish adulthood.

ok. time to gaze out the window & listen to some chillin’ music. have a great tuesday out there, wherever you are.


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    1. i made it in one piece, survived all the swedish, and had a good time too. it’s exciting to visit a really big city every now & then , and get caught up in all the hustle & bustle.

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