a kiss is just a kiss.

in the united states navy, whenever a ship comes back into its home port, there is always a lottery on board among the sailors & their loved ones back home. what are they betting on? the first kiss, of course! the winner of the lottery, one lucky sailor, gets to disembark from the ship first, walk on the dock, & greet his or her loved one with a kiss… the official first kiss, which is always a public event.

when the uss oak hill (that’s the ship’s name) docked, petty officer marissa gaeta, dressed in her navy uniform & the winner of the ship’s lottery, walked off of the ship, down the dock and over to her partner, citlalic snell (weird name, i know), and they shared the coveted first kiss. but this kiss was a first of another kind too. it was the first same-sex kiss after the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” which basically states  that all military personnel are allowed to be who they are. in other words,  now there is no more discrimination in the military based on sexual orientation = who you love. all are now considered equal, with the same rights to live & love whomever they choose to live with and love. yay for repealing the old, stupid, unjust “don’t ask, don’t tell” law in 2011! so, just as any couple would do after being separated for 8 months, marissa & citlalic greeted each other with a hug & and kiss. a big yay for equal rights and for moving forward in the states!

what’s next?! same-sex marriage?! a girl can hope.

so, here it is. the first same-sex kiss from two military women!

peace & the right to kiss! yeah.

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    1. 🙂 by the way, we’re coming to the mtns in january!!!! it will be amazing if we can catch up with each other! love you bunches!

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