a little me time.

it’s late. i’m in bed, under the covers. my love is snuggled next to me, in a deep sleep. our string of lights over the bed and windows is lit. norah jones is quietly playing, reminding me of special, amazing days gone by. and a glass of wine sits on the floor next to me. this is me time.

i began the day with a beautiful meditation session, and i am ending it in these perfect moments. in between, though, it all felt a bit chaotic

photo by beautiful _light on instagram
photo by beautiful _light on instagram

but, that great big, beautiful moon hanging in the sky just outside my window tonight reminds me that all the chaos and stress is merely a little speck in the greater scheme of things – the greater scheme of my life and my place in the universe. the worries, fears, and stress will all melt away – for that is not who i am. that is not who we are. we are much smaller and much larger, at the same time.

so, in this quiet, solitary, peaceful moment, i let my day wind down and come to an end. tomorrow there will be a new dawn, with new experiences and adventures. but, now, right now, time stands still – and i feel quietly contented. right now is all about me.

you see, i have a tendency to do everything for everyone – to always think about others first… to the point that i forget about my desires, needs, wants. but, right now, tonight, as i think back over my day, i remember the importance of caring for myself. of saying no. of doing some things that i love. of getting away and retreating to the inner world for refreshment and inspiration.

this is me

and, as i just let myself be right now, i feel my heartbeat. i hear my soul. i just stare out the window, pound these computer keys, take a deep breath, let the music wash over me, and soak up this lovely, lovely moment of peace.

the night has come – and now it’s late. soon, it’ll be time to close my eyes and sleep. but, not just yet. just a few more minutes of late night perfection.


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  1. Very sweet post! And I love the poem!
    I’m impressed also that Lina can sleep through music, lights on and computer tapping… but then again I think I’ve got one of those kind of girls too who sleeps through it all 😉
    Hope you enjoyed the last few moments of night, slept well, and wake refreshed.
    Take a less stressful day today, hey? I know I am!

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