A long weekend in the Swedish mountains. Part 1.

Hello from the breathtaking Swedish mountains! That’s right… I took three days off from work + joined my love and her family up here at the cozy beautiful ski resort known as Lindvallen. I’ve been here almost 2 days + taken so many photos that i just had to get out a post right now.

We decided to come up here + booked the trip back last fall. Now, I’m not a skier at all. I’ve tried it. And it’s not really my thing. I know, shocking, right? But, I do love snow, coziness, and any good opportunity to take photos. So, 5 days up here in the Swedish mountains is the perfect little winter getaway for me.

Basically, all I am doing is soaking up the moments as they come. Taking it easy. And shifting between eating, resting, and walking. And repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

First up are some photos on the way up. I took a train for about 3 hours and then a bus for an hour + a half. It was gooooorgeous. Alright. It’s picture time!

Ok. So I had planned on sharing a ton of photos in this post, but I realized it was really a toooooon of photos. So, this is all I’m putting in this post. Thursday’s activities are coming soon in a separate post! For now, hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my journey up to the mountains.

Time for lunch, I think. And then a walk in the snow + among the trees. Happy Friday loves!

xoxo. liz.

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