A long weekend in the Swedish mountains. Part 2.

It’s totally possible to head to a ski resort for a long weekend in the mountains and not ski. And I’m proof of that. You see, I’m not a fan of skiing. But, I absolutely think that it’s cool that other people think it’s cool. And, the thing is, you may assume that there’s nothing to do at a ski resort when you’re not skiing. Or that it’s a waste of time or money. But, that’s not at all how I see it. Hopefully there are a few more of you out there that think like me. But, no matter, this post is all about how I spend my time at a ski resort – as a non-skier. And, as you might have guessed… it’s all about photography + alone time!

Day 1: Thursday

Thursday was my first full day up in on the mountain, and it started early with an incredible sunrise. I woke early in the loft that Lina + I are sleeping in. I heard Lina’s sister making coffee in the kitchen below, so I crept down the ladder + joined her just as the sun was starting to turn the eastern sky orange. Luckily, we have a cabin that has a view to die for. I mean, like it’s so freaking gorgeous. So, I took photos of the sunrise for an hour at least – no lie. Yep. Day 1 at a ski resort started with a whole series of photos out the window. And it just got better after that.

Sunrise + Morning

We had coffee + breakfast, and then all of the skiers got ready + headed to the slopes. I rested a bit – because coffee + breakfast + photography took a lot of energy (hehe). And then I decided it was time for a morning walk!

Afternoon activities

After lunch, everyone headed back out for some skiing. I followed along to the slopes + snagged some pics of the family. Of course, I took more tree photos, too, and I wandered up into our backyard a little. At one point I sunk up to my thighs in the snow!

Having that time out in the snow + among the trees by myself was pure medicine for my soul. Just wandering in the cold, silent beauty. Breathing in the brisk, fresh air. Calming, inspiring, spiritual.

Once everyone gathered back in the cabin, Lina + I headed down to the little ski lodge area for a little date night. Dinner out with some cold beers, good food, and a cozy spot. Just the two of us. It was soooo cozy.

Day 2: Friday

Friday was a little bit of the same. But, that’s what vacation is all about, right? Relaxing + taking it easy. Slowing down + just doing whatever the moment presents. It really is a lesson in living in the moment, I think. To soak up the each minute as it comes. To keep it simple.

It’s Saturday now, and I’m cozy in my bed up in the loft. We’ve had a slow morning, eaten a little lunch, and everyone is simply resting. Soon, I may decide to pull on all of my snow clothes + head out for one last walk in the snow. We’re headed home tomorrow, but it’s not at all time to begin to think of that right now.

It’s been such a beautiful, quiet, inspiring, slow weekend for me. A good balance of time with family, but also plenty of time for myself as well. And, I haven’t used that time for anything except for rest. No pressure put on myself to do, be, create, or embark on anything except what my soul craves in each moment as it comes. What a blessed time this has been for me. And, I’m not yet quite done enjoying it all.

Wishing each of you a cozy Saturday, wherever you are + whatever you are doing. Love from the Swedish mountains, wild souls.

xoxo. liz.

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